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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


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This blog is part of the "DOCUMENTARY MARATHON MANIA" series on this blog .
I am a 35 year old female physician,smart and beautiful and here in this series,I review this documentary from a thinking human's point of view ,from a documentary and film maker's point of view,from a sociological and gender dynamics point of view and from a scientific and artistic point of view AND also a physician's point of view.


Why am I reviewing a documentary series?
Because documentaries are films too.They are edited a certain way to put forth a certain viewpoint.
Before I start the review series I must tell a few things about myself.
I was born to a vegetarian mother,a 'lactovegetarian' and so,all through my childhood i grew up on vegetarian food-mostly ovolactovegetarian food and I managed to grow up tall and strong and beautiful and intelligent too! proof the pudding,if you will! :))
I went vegan in 2008.
I only watched this documentary a few days ago.Just last week!
I didn't decide to become vegan because I watched 'earthlings',but,apparently,a lot of other fellow vegans went vegan because they watched this documentary??
Needless,I had to check it out,Just for curiosity sake.
Why did I decide to go vegan then,you might ask?
MOSTLY FOR ETHICAL REASONS...though,luckily,going vegan also is environmentally friendly and healthy too..
I mainly went vegan because of ethical reasons.
When I was in ninth grade, I used to watch this TV series about animals and pets and such each week.One afternoon,maybe it was five in the evening and I watching TV alone, amidst all the household buzz going on around me..and they showed how PAINT BRUSHES ARE MADE...
Paint brushes previously were solely made of ANIMAL HAIR...mostly pig hair AND they were PLUCKED OUT OF A LIVE PIG ONE BY ONE because they want to have the hair as long as possible and plucking it is the only way to get the longest length!
THEN,they proceeded to show the whole video of it...where the pig was squealing and crying and weeping, while it's hair was being pulled out,one by one..
i JUST SAT THERE TRANSFIXED..the crying of the pig, resounding in my head,days after that!
that memory sat in my head forever I suppose.
in 2008,I finaly went vegan.
I thought I was gonna crave and miss eggs and cheese like crazy,BUT THERE WAS NOT ONE SINGLE DAY when i craved them after I became vegan.Your body only has cravings when nutritional requirements are not being met.If you plan your meals nutritionally complete,you will never crave things!
By the time i went vegan,I had already become a physician and because I also did two years of food biochemistry and general biochemistry before entering med school.I WAS INTELLECTUALLY EQUIPPED to know that plants sources are the best sources of absorbable nutrients for humans.
Anyways,let us come back to the documentary movie EARTHLINGS and let me attempt to put in my two cents about it here..THIS IS MEANT TO BE TAKEN AS CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ALONE!
1/The first nine minutes of the movie can be completely DONE away with,because this move is about SHOWING STARK REALITIES TO PEOPLE and there is no need to use the first nine minutes to try and prepare anyone at all.
2/They generally prohibit kids below the age of 18 to watch this movie.I am a 35 year old female physician and I INSIST that all kids over 14 must watch it..IT IS SEVERELY DISTURBING TO WATCH,but i think ,the earlier you watch it ,the better you are able to honestly process this truth.The later in life you watch it,the more you are likely to MAKE EXCUSES for all your past years of turning a blind eye!
this movie will CAUSE YOU TO GET QUEASY...
By the 22nd minute.(including the first nine min of fluff) I can assure you that atleast 20% of the viewers will THROW UP.
I am a doctor,and I cut open human bodies each day, and repair them and sew them again in an effort to save patients' lives and i see a lot of blood in the OR ...
and that much of previous exposure to blood and gore in the OR ,STILL WAS NOT ABLE TO PREPARE ME to NOT get queasy when i watched this documentary.
By the 22nd minute.I PAUSED THE VIDEO.,me the doctor,who sees blood day in and day out,PAUSED and I tried meditating for five minutes telling myself to relax...telling myself that it is gonna be okay...because I was so nauseated,my heart was racing.I was almost gonna puke!
it took me five whole minutes of actually closing my eyes and even considering aborting to watch the video ,,,to CALM MYSELF DOWN.
after five minute break,I RESUMED WATCHING THIS VIDEO and then continued to watch it till the end..
4/The background voice is JUOQUAIN (gosh,it is so difficult to spell,I know,what I typed out is the wrong spelling.:))) phoenix...WOW...what a beautiful name and I appreciate that he lent his voice to such a beautiful cause.thanks bud
5/I feel that they missed out talking about CAGED HENS AND THEIR PLIGHT in egg farms, while talking about dairy products in this documentary.
So I am gonna go ahead and add a brief note about that.
FEMALE BIRDS aka HENS are imprisoned in tiny cages,one above another and they can't even move around and one hen is shitting over all the hens below.
all hens are being fed something that is NOT their natural diet and then,all their hard work is stolen off..we steal their eggs.TRY STEALING EGGS from a wild hen and you WILL BE PECKED TO DEATH.true case scenario!
it is distressing for any mother hen to watch helplessly when her eggs get stolen everyday.
Most hens HAVE PROLAPSED VAGINAS(yes,hens have vaginas too) by the end of their short distressed lives of laying eggs in cages where they can't even relax!
what do they do with the roosters?they get to your dinner tables ...
what happens to the hens after their egg laying capacity is gone?they get to your dinner tables too!
yeah,right,keep eating dead meat of distressed animals like that.
6/one other thing they failed to mention or maybe they did and I phased out, IS THAT MOST FARM ANIMALS are fed the ground up remains of the"bad" parts of their very own fellow animals whose "good" parts are used for human consumption after slaughtering !so,you are forcing CANNIBALISM on already severely abused farm animals.
7/One most proud moment in my life was when I entered med school.
Another proud moment in my life was when I became vegan in 2008...and that was when I TRULY FELT HONEST ABOUT MYSELF..and i felt less of a hypocrite.
8/you all just need LOGIC to understand that ANIMALS ARE NOT OUR NATURAL DIET.
Are you able to chase down a buffalo and injure and kill it with your bare hands and bite into it and tear it to pieces and eat it bones ,blood and all?no?then,you are neither a carnivore nor is a cow your natural diet. A lion can do that and so,it deserves to eat a buffalo and it can and it will too! Unless ofcourse, we go around killing tigers too..
A pig is double your weight and are domestic descendants of wild boars.WILD BOARS.will attack you and kill you if you try to go anywhere near them.Without hunting weapons,we as humans are useless when it comes to boar hunting.Again,an animal heavier than us IS LOGICALLY speaking NOT our prey!
FISHIS NOT OUR NATURAL DIET..humans are not aquatic animals...needless.ANY ANIMAL IN THE WATER,,,cannot logically be our natural diet...end of argument .PERIOD!
Our natural diets are what we can procure on our own without weapons of any kind..We are perfectly capable of plucking a tomato/APPLE/banana/rice/beans off a plant and eat it...duh..three year and four year olds can do that.why?because fruits and veggies and tubers are our natural diet...
USE YOUR LOGICAL MIND to analyze what your natural diet is and eat only that...
8/I think this is a 2005 documentary...we definitely need an updated version of this, sometime soon,if one hasn't already come out
9/About the footage of suffragates that was shown in the first nine minutes of the documentary
again,suffragates were the women,who fought for equal rights for women ..
Prior to that movement,even after slaves were freed,BOTH WHITE AND BLACK WOMEN were counted as property and were essentially slaves being forced to do all the work with no dignity or power if they stood alone without being vaginally associated with some male member of society.
In the first nine minutes, the documentary tries to explain gender equality,human rights,human equality,the concept of earthlings and the concept of ANTISPECIEISM....
When the documentary propounds that no one must get PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT IN SOCIETY due to race or gender.what it wants to mean is,it is on the side of the suffragates,YEAH?
so,the earthlings documentary is on the side of women asking to be treated as equal citizens as men..yeah?
but,for some strange reason however,the suffragate footage was showed amidst footage of other,it almost looked like they were implying that the suffragates were doing something WRONG by asking for women's rights...AS IF THEY MEANT THAT THE SUFFRAGATES ASKED FOR PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT FOR WOMEN...
so,yeah,either ways,the first nine minutes are shoddy,long winded and USELESS in my opinion.The first nine minutes need to be EDITED to be more crisp,more clear and less tiring and have more clarity in terms of expressing poetry required!
10/Also,most people watching this documentary are only noticing the plight of the animals in these "farms",but,in addiction to the distress of the animals,I also noticed that the people performing the slaughtering were very DISTRESSED THEMSELVES..

The people in charge of such "dirty" jobs are often very distressed themselves because they are needing to perform such gory acts as part of their job description and do it day in and day out.
And most of these "professional" slaughterers are ALMOST pausing to breathe while they attempt to cut throats and blood is all over them in torrents and they are just very distressed while the animals is in utter agony too.

Most often,we FAIL TO NOTICE the human aspect of it too,especially while watching such videos...these people are doing jobs that most people won't do..and most illegal immigrants become the targeted set of people for such jobs because they will take any job that will pay enough to stay in the country...
So,both humans and animals are SIMULTANEOUSLY exploited most commonly in such UNFAIR industries!

11/Finally, big HUGS to Shaun monson FOR DECIDING TO MAKE this documentary and actually getting the word around.:))) BRAVO!
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