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Monday, November 18, 2013


Here is a list of my top TEN most visited blogs on my ecology blog.
There are many more blogs entries which are widely visited as well,but I am just keeping the list short and mentioning the top ten entries.
These are stats relevant to only the past year!
I write about #health,  #ecology and #environment in my ecology blog.

here goes

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A whopping sixty THOUSAND and eight hundred odd people have google PLUSEd my poetry and poise blog in two days!how?

In the past two days something CURIOUS has happened.
A whopping SIXTY thousand eight hundred and forty eight people have
google plused my
GOOGLE kept asking me to join google plus and I have NOT joined so far.
so,I really wonder how my blogs are actually visible on the google
plus network enabling people to GOOGLE PLUS them!
Is my poetry and poise blog being featured on google plus?
What is happening?
baffled,surprised and honored all at the same time.
thanks to all google plus members who have read,liked and google
plused various blog entries of mine!
I do write six different blogs,and you can read all of them here
I also tweet here
You can always say hi to me on twitter or email me even.
hugs and cheers to all readers.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Garden update-peanut plants

yes,peanut plants..not pea plants,I mean, PEANUT plants...
In some countries, they call peanuts, GROUNDNUTS..coz these nuts grow
in underground pods...
These are root modifications..
Also,all legumes FIX NITROGEN..
AND which is why,legumes kinda RE-ENRICH the soil , by converting air
nitrogen to soil nitrogen..
they fix nitrogen back in the soil.
needless ,I had to try out this idea.plant these nitrogen fixing plants.

Needless,while I assembled by pots using recycled material,I kinda
loosened up the soil,mixed it up with my old treated veggie garbage
and then while planting, I placed a peanut pod in each pot,somewhere
in mid depth of soil filling.

for a month,I waited and eagerly expected peanut plants to come out..
they never did.
And ,months later,after the loose soil kinda settled down at a lower
level,I noticed,two strange sprouts in two pots..and on closer
examination,the sprouts were emerging from PEANUTS!
whoa..what happiness!

I let them grow out..

I am such a negligent plant parent..

Actually,I wanted to see how the plants responded to on and off water
that spills into the pots during thunderstroms WHICH WERE FAR TOO
FREQUENT back then,even now...rains out of the blue here!

hmmm...and i cheated and watered them on two different occasions in a
couple of months, when it got too too sunny.


And then ofcourse, i let all three surviving plants -the sweet potato
plant,the spinach plant and the peanut plant ALL DIE .due to lack of
watering in the past few weeks...

either ways, I am moving out and they would have died after I yeah,,,why not let them die while I am here,no?(stupid sad
logic-my way of coping)whatever


Monday, September 30, 2013

Garden Update-Death of the Sweet potato vines!

Actually my sweet potato vines,they died almost more than 7weeks ago.
I did the mistake of trying to transplant fully grown,very very long
vines into newer pots so that I can place them in the balcony.

My balcony is VERY VERY WINDY...and needless ,within a day of placing
the REPOTTED long adult vines in the balcony,the wind SNAPPED most of
the vines-and infact,the wind possibly was so fierce during the night
after transplantation,it uprooted all the repotted vines(roots and
all) and the next morning,to my horror, I found them DANGLING in
air,away from the pots.

Actually,NOT so great :(( (insert very sad face)
The sweet potato vines were the only PROUD GLORY of my mini apartment

Guilty as charged.
I killed perfectly healthy vines-with my thoughtless transplantation.

Honestly,I didn't realize that my balcony WAS THAT SUPER-WINDY,till
ofcourse,the vine uprooting incident happened.
Hopefully,lesson learned.

Why did I transplant them in the first place you might ask!
Actually,I had these sweet potato vines growing in one of my
superbright bathrooms on the SUNRISE side-where they could catch
adequate sunlight each morning during and after sunrise.
Since, I live alone and My apartment has two bathrooms,I figured that
I could make good use of the space and sunlight in the bathroom that i
WAS NOT using .It was a great idea,too,especially for the sweet potato
They seem to grow better in partial shaded areas,like say,my
bathroom,which was essentially a covered area for most part except for
the bright window in the bathroom.
These vines tolerated INDOOR conditions so well.for so long too.

I would highly suggest SWEET POTATO VINES to all INDOOR PLANT enthusiasts.

I have tried and tested them for almost a year indoors and they
survived very very well inside the apartment.They even thrived under

So,why did i decide to transplant them?
well,the vines grew so tall,they were visible through the windows and
I was worried that my neighbors might think that I am trying to grow
certain types of secret plants that people usually grow in bathrooms.I
I mean.I wanted to show my neighbors that I AM ONLY GROWING SWEET
POTATO PLANTS..i am a goody goody person...
Hence,the decision to replant them outside and also,CLEAN UP AND
RECLAIM my spare bathroom for ummm,bathroom uses!

Anyways,long story short!death of vines!

So,well,after the death of my old sweet potato vines,I kinda was too
sad to plant new ones.Then,finally,last week,I planted new
ones,outside .I don't OVERWATER THEM...and they don't seem to grow as
fast if you don't water them adequately!
They are still alive though!yay,cheers!


Friday, September 20, 2013

INJUDICIOUS AND IRRESPONSIBLE USE OF CLINGWRAP-single use plastics and how to avoid using them!

This Blog article is creative property of Dr.A.R aka LecinQblog.This
blog article originally was written for and is meant to appear on any
one of the blogs in this list .If you find this
blog article anywhere other than on BLOGSPOT,please visit my original
blog,find my email address and email me with details of where else you
read this blog entry.All my blogs are AD-free blogs AND I completely
frown upon someone else trying to make money off my blogs without my
prior written permission.

What is clingwrap?
It is a very very thin layer of plastic which kinda clings to the
things it is used to wrap.The clinging quality comes from the static
electricity that exists on its surface.
NOW,what is clingwrap mostly used for?To keep things from losing
moisture,To keep things moist by providing a physical barrier from air
drying things out.

You often see people using cling wrap to cover up their pasta dough or
pastry dough while they rest it.So,essentially ,they are using a piece
of plastic that takes THOUSANDS OF YEARS to degrade ,to keep things
from losing moisture for a MERE FEW HOURS.
Once that resting period for the dough is over, people ,just remove
the clingwrap and promptly THROW IT WAY ..They don't RE-USE that cling

So,CLING-WRAP-USERS are building up the world's plastic waste that
takes thousands of years to degrade, just so that their ball of dough
doesn't dry out?WTF.

Also,commerical food stalls are using clingwrap to keep their
sandwiches from drying out.Again,once the consumer eats up the
sandwich ,the clingwrap promptly goes to the garbage and landfill and


Supermarkets are using cling wrap to cover up their fruit punnetts,so
that their fruit stays plump and moist for longer..Again,once the
buyer buys the punnett and opens up the clingwrap and consumes the
fruits,not only the clingwrap but the punnett too, goes into the bin,
from where it goes to the landfill and then takes thousands of years
to degrade.

Again,Even if this clingwrap is of the RECYCLABLE VARIETY,most of it
never really gets segragated by users into the degradable bin and sent
out seperately to the recycling center.

Even if this clingwrap essentially does get recycled on the odd chance
,how many times is it re-recyclable? Can it be recycled repeatedly
forever?or does it eventually get sent to the landfill after one
recycling and reuse?

In my personal opinion,USING CLINGWRAP to keep things moist for a few

What is the solution/replacement for CLINGWRAP AND SINGLE USE PLASTICS?

For keeping dough moist-All you need to do is put your pasta dough
into a bowl and cover it with a ceramic or metal lid.The ceramic or
metal lid is reusable and washable and is VERY EFFECTIVE in keeping
the dough moist till you are next ready to use it.

For keeping sandwiches moist at a store-PAPER BASED or butter paper
based sandwich boxes work so well to keep sandwiches or other foods
moist.PAPER is definitely recyclable ,so is, butter paper or waxed
paper.And surely,such packaging material DOESN'T take 1000 years to
degrade even if they don't get recycled!

For covering fruit punnetts in supermarkets-Here I am thinking real
hard of a suitable packaging material, that not only keeps fruit in
place inside the punnett ,but also prevents the fruit from dehydrating
quicker and well,is easy for the personnel to pack fruit in! HMMM

What were supermarkets doing for fruit before clingwrap came into such
wide usage?
They just used to load them up in large crates and customers would
just PICK up their choicest fruit and buy them..
.I see no harm in doing so even now,instead of using lots of
NON-BIODEGRADABLE PUNNETTS for fruit!what a waste!
Just hire personnel to sort fruit into EXTREMELY
RIPE,MODERATELY RIPE AND UNRIPE and place them in separate crates on
the floor at the supermarket.

The personnel that are usually in charge of packaging
fruit into punnetts can now be incharge of sorting fruits into
crates.That way, all fruits don't ripen quick and together and get
wasted.and that way,over-ripe fruits that are still edible but might
spoil in the near future, can easily be picked out and disposed off to
homeless shelters or be sold of at a lower price .Good idea?yes!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I have been making garden update blogs here on the ecology blog for
over a month now.
And I have been lamenting about how MY OVERWATERING of the pots is
causing the roots to rot and the spinach plants to die.
well,guess what,
upon my fifth attempt and carefully planting new taproots of spinach
with little leaf stubs in multiple pots and carefully UNDERwatering
them,I am now the PROUD mother of six spinach plants...
funny how i call myself their mother when infact they are my
mother.They are gonna feed me super nutritious leaves very

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Garden update-Sweet potato vines

Well,if there is one thing that grows without much care in my
mini-apartment garden,it is sweetpotato vines.
Yes,the sweetpotato plant grows out in a vine--atleast some varieties.
Yes,the leaves are edible-raw and cooked..
yes,the plants are just PLAIN BEAUTIFUL-with their ivy shaped reddish
green lush leaves.
The thing is,when I buy sweetpotato,I don't manage to use them right
away,so they sit on the kitchen shelves for days and some of them give
out red shoots.
so,I end up cutting out those sweetpotato bits that have given out
shoots and plant them.
within days, I end up with lush greens
One reason why the sweetpotato plant survives in my mini-garden is coz
the plant is known to survive even if planted in just nutrient
water(no real soil,whatsoever)...
That is right,IT CAN SURVIVE in water logged conditions.
So,while I am KILLING MY SPINACH with OVERWATERING my pots and
waterlogging the soil,THE SAME,seems to HELP the sweetpotato vines to
Right now,THE ONLY PLANTS IN FULL FLOURISH in my mini-garden are the
sweetpotato vines..
so,yeah..have I eaten them?yeah,kinda.
.THEY ARE SHARP tasting when raw..good for salads for them,eat them.

GARDEN UPDATE-The spinach-part4?

The spinach plants are dead.
After just the day when i thought I have finally managed to grown them in a pot
Well,my fourth attempt this was.
I waited and DIDN'T OVERWATER them..and waited and waited ,till baby
leaves started appearing.
And a day too early,I DECIDED that i SUCCEEDED...So,I cut away the
shriveled larger leaves that were there when I planted the
taproot..and then,IN A FIT OF HAPPY EXHILARATION,I possibly
OVERWATERED my stubs with the baby leaves.
two days later,THE PLANTS DIED ON ME..
thanqvery much
bows to Crowds
Stifles a tear
trying once more
this time,maybe with seeds.
btw,,In other good news..
i managed to grow RED AMARANTH using this,yeah,all is
NOT LOST in my mini-garden.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spinach gardening

Can spinach be grown in pots? mmmmm....
See,why do we grow spinach?
so that we can eat them later?
why do we want to eat spinach on a regular basis?

because they are a SUPERFOOD and a natural diet SOURCE that meets so
many of our nutritional needs-iron,protein,vitamins,fiber all in one

But,for spinach to pack such nutrition it needs to grow in NUTRITIOUS
SOIL...much order for a pregnant woman to produce adequate
nutritioius milk, she must first have those fat reserves in her body
which come from eating more than just for herself during herself,for
here and also the fetus and the future breastfeeding newborn.

So,yeah,being a physician like I am, Just will end up quoting MEDICINE
ANALOGIES even in a gardening,,enjoy my MEDICAL ANALOGIES IF

coming back to spinach now..

Yeah..for very long now I have been trying to do a MINI GARDEN IN MY
APARTMENT with all recycled products-including the pots I grow the
plants in and the soil which I constantly recharge with my own wet or
biological garbage.

Some herbs seems to be doing okay in a POTTED mini balcony
I have been trying this mini garden concept ON AND OFF in the past
year in the apartment i currently live in. and I have tried growing
spinach from a preexisting bunch which i denude of bigger leaves and
plant the rest...FAILED THREE TIMES..fourth time now seems to become a

One little detail about my gardening methods-
I will plant anything into the soil which has a root...and if at all
the plant grows out due to an intact root system fine...If not..then
well,whatever i planted is manure.
speaking of spinach,I buy my spinach bunches from a FARMER'S MARKET
and so,mostly many bunches end up having ROOTS intact on the sale
I choose bunches with TAP root intact,,and get them home.
All this time my method has been to try to pluck off most leaves and
leave out the smaller ones on the root and stem and plant the whole
All these three times that i failed what I did was OVERWATER the soil
to the point of WATERLOGGING THE SOIL...each day
till finally THE STEM ROTS and the plant dies...

So, now..I UNDERWATER THE SPINACH POT and for the first time and upon
my THIRD/4th attempt to grown spinach...NEW SMALL leaves HAVE appeared
again all over again..
I am serious about this..
OWN...without books,gardening blogs or anything else...
I am doing this with just my intelligence and my high school botany
knowledge to go by and I am applying my MEDICAL DEGREE analogies into
gardening too!
I am doing my own research and am GOING TO DEVELOP MY OWN METHODS and
then teach everyone? A true daughter of LEONARDO DA VINCI AND MADAM

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Filthy bathtubs and Filthy public baths-How a standing bath scores over a shower and a soaking bath.Also a note on RIVER POLLUTION!

It was an archaic time in history when PUBLIC BATHS/BATHTUBS/RIVER
BATHING were a norm.
A time wherein electricity was not yet available in each home to
facilitate pumping of water from ground level using a electric motor
to an overhead tank and then by virture of the force of potential
energy and gravity, water would then easily flow down to all the taps
inside the house.

The concept of public baths where large number of people get into the
same body of water(which is essentially not a flowing body of water
like a river) is FROM A TIME in history WHERE there was no indoor
plumbing technology or there was no running water either.Personally, i
think the PUBLIC BATH system, is VERY UNHYGENIC.
And not to mention, COMPLETE BREACH OF PRIVACY.No matter how hot the
water in a public bath is, would you still knowingly go sit in hot
water with SHIT intermixed? or vaginal and testicular secretions

They tout the public bath as A communal experience and such.(some
touristy gimmickery that)
BUT SEE, we rather NOT HAVE SUCH communal experiences..We better, take
clean baths in the privacy of our own bathrooms and THEN,go have a
COMMUNAL PARTY to have that communal experience.No need to share filth
and GENITALIA GERMS in the process of a "communal"bath!

The concept of People taking bath on the river shore or stream shore
is touted as yet another communal experience but is a far cleaner
experience compared to a public bath because THE WATER IS continually
flowing away, so a new batch of fresh water is constantly at your
disposal at a given point on the river shore.

So, RIVER BATHING is better than a PUBLIC BATH system(which to my
horror is still prevelant in japan and middle east hamams-FILTHY! and

Again a little more about a RIVER BATH to discuss the

If you are using detergants or modern soaps on a river shore ,YOU ARE
POLLUTING a fresh water source .The filthy water flows down to other
cities and places down the flow route of the river.
Stop using soaps and detergants on a river or stream bank.
I was horrified to watch so many people scrubbing themselves with soap
before taking A dip in their holy river(which alas is so filled with
human filth,it is not really that "holy" anymore!

Again, A BATHTUB also is from a time in history where there was no
indoor plumbing or running water and if you had to clean your whole
body, you would have to fill up a bathtub with water, sit in it and
clean it in however fashion the best you can.
I am Suddenly reminded of those classic english novels about COAL
WORKERS, who would come home all covered in coal dust and filth and
their wives would fill up a bathtub for them..hmmmmm.sigh.

But a bathtub method is very flithy, given that you are soaking in
your own filth water with your own secretions(sweat and others) that
you just scrubbed off, the skin flakes and the dirt.
Surely the most inefficient and filthy method of cleaning yourself.

Also about the sitting position in a bathtub,
In a bathtub, you are sitting down, causing the vagina(if are
genotypically female) to be horizontally oriented and the vaginal
opening directly in the water, allowing filthy water to enter it.Also,
the male urinary passage opening also ends up in a semi horizontal
position immersed in the filthy water with the same results.
Say hello to yeast infections and URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS,if you are
soaking in a bathtub .I AM A PHYSICIAN and I beg you to stop having
those filthy bathtub soaks..downright filthy!
When you are standing up and taking a shower, the vaginal or urinary
openings are directed downwards with the water flowing from above,
leaving little chance for filthy water to forcibly enter these
openings.result is lesser chances of infections.

Going back and SPEAKING OF a time with no running water inside houses,
Yes, there were other CLEANER alternatives to a bathtub, even when
indoor plumbing or running water was NOT available.
And ,this was to just TAKE A STANDING BATH OR SHOWER.
This method of bathing was much prevelant in the indian subcontinent
prior to electricity.
Each home would have a deep water or shallow water well, and they
would draw out water using a pulley system with buckets.They would
then heat this water over wooden fire copper boilers(copper being such
a great conductor of heat)

They then would bring in buckets of hot/warm water into a bathroom a
room with a gutter system on the floor that lets out filthy water to
the garden(great way to recycle water too given that they used organic
cleaning products to bathe rather than chemical soap back then)

They would then use a mug or jug to lift out and pour water on
themself to make the body or hair wet first, then scrub with soap or
cleaning agents, then use the next few jugs of CLEAN water to wash
that soapy scum off their body.
This method is easily adaptable to a modern bathroom, where we
colllect hotwater in buckets and then proceed to take a standing bath.

This method of a STANDING BATH, is far more CLEANER AND FRESHER and
conserves much much more water than SOAKING IN YOUR OWN FILTH IN A
BATH TUB and also uses just two to three buckets of water, unlike a
SHOWER HEAD shower that continues to waste water the whole time you
are in the bathroom even when you don't need water on your body
especially when you are scrubbing with soap or shampoo.

And the question that BEGS TO BE ASKED ! Why am I writing a long blog

I am writing this blog entry primarily because, even to this day, in
the US, SOAKING IN A BATH TUB is marketed as some great exercise of
unwinding.The bathtub is too romanticized and the whole industry of
bath salts that eggs all women to SOAK IN THEIR OWN FILTH with salts
is DOWNRIGHT REVOLTING.And to give bath salts to a woman for women's
day or mothers day or valentines day is ridiculously funny to me.

As a female physician, who knows her As and Bs I just had to intervene
and present the truth to everyone.

As far as chemistry is concerned, PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT salts
DO NOT have a capacity to REMOVE DIRT...
ONLY SOAPS have the capacity to CHEMICALLY surround dirt and remove
it from the body.
So the whole concept of BATH SALTS doing wonders is just IN ONE BIG
aND LADIES, please stop soaking in your own filth?
Go take a good STANDING BATH instead...then sit down to music and
books TO UNWIND.K?


Friday, February 15, 2013


The only way a man passes his X chromosome to the next generation is
by having a daughter.Becoming A daughter's father is a big thing!

your pets don't get to have regular sex!

When you have a pet,what you are doing is FORCE an adult animal of
another species into a lifetime of FORCED CELIBACY for your

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