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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Discussing sexual techniques with friends,Kissing and telling,sexual health

Before i start off the blog entry i have to first insist that i am a 30 year old female physician and though these blogs are not meant as specific medical advice, I know quite a bit of these are informed blog entries that i am making here.


A/A group of men sitting at a bar , bragging to each other about whom they "DID"(quoting their own words, not mine!)  and what they did to WHOM and how much and how many scored?

B/A group of women sitting aka Sex and the city style and discussing which man is better and why the guy won't make her happy.. etc etc 

All over a casual drink or breakfast..out in the if it was about something not intimate at all.

More and more people have started doing this>> viewing sex and sexual escapades as  something to brag about or discuss about as if it were a technique. As if there is no emotional aspect to sex at all...
As if the privacy of the other person doesn't matter at all, especially when groups of men are sitting and talking and discussing specific names, identity revealed and all that. 

I mean.. If a person has  once had mindboggling emotionally involved sex,,they will never go back or be satisfied to casual sex, no matter how technically accurate and exotic it might be. coz, SEX WITH SOMEONE YOU DEEPLY KNOW AND SOMEONE WHOSE MIND YOU RESPECT IS much much more intense than any mindboggling sex that comes out of just great sexual technique or hitting the right spots.

There is much more to sex than just technique..

Sex is a very intimate thing.
A very intense connection..
You cannot discuss it with friends like a technique or a conquest.
It is a very very emotionally intense thing between two
people and two people alone.

I often notice young men sitting around and saying things like,
" I even bought her dinner, but the B*tch won't sleep with me" 

And I am thinking, "Are these men under the impression that buying dinner is what you do to make another person want to have sex with you?
I mean., women these days surely  have enough money to buy their own dinner.Does that mean, they stop having sex with men altogether now that they can buy their own dinner?
Is a free dinner the reason women used to have sex with women in older times?

I also want to ask these particular group of men another question.
You obviously don't respect this woman or have any love or respect for her --pretty evident when you call her "B*tch" So, when you hate her so much,,How come you still want to have sex with her?
So, you just like having sex with people you hate? why the self torture? why not have sex with people you love?

or is it that any woman who won't have you, automatically gets called names? Is it a juvenile anger response to call a woman a b*tch coz she won't do what YOU want? 

I have another question for these men.
Don't  you  ever want to try to have sex with a woman whom you really love? 
or Is mindless sex enough for you in this lifetime? 
Do you have so much of  self hatred that you have already decided that there is never going to be a day that any woman could possibly really love you  and all you have to do in this lifetime is make do with women that hate you but have sex with you coz you bought them things/gifts?



Most lewd comments about sex or disassociated comments about sex come because there is some amount of sexual frustration or resentment associated with that act.

Why exactly are people comparing notes anyways?
We are all animals of nature.. nature designed us and our bodies in such a way that even without guide books.,we will eventually figure out sexual techniques on our own, as we go, as we develop new comfort levels with our constant partner.

On the other hand, if you keep sleeping around with a new partner each time, you end up trying techniques that one woman/man prefers or likes on a new partner that possibly completely dislikes it.Every human is unique, they have their own unique sexual preferences,It not necessary to have universal laws that this sex act is a sure success with everyone.What one person likes, another may find utterly disgusting and they have right to say NO.

Regular sex with the same person over time, helps both partners, develop a mating dance of sorts(unique to that couple).where you reach middle ground.You give up some of your choices and you take upon some  of your partner's preferences.. to reach a beautiful middle ground.

one big rule 
is,If your partner completely finds a technique very very REPULSIVE for some reason..even after trying it ONCE.(yeah, just 'once' is all it take to figure if you really like it or not), dont' force them or emotionally blackmail them to do it again, just coz you like it very very much. Same holds true for something you find very repulsive..Your partner should not emotionally manipulate you into doing it, if you find it completely unacceptable.

Having said that..even after repeated attempts if either or both parties end up not being able to reach a middle ground where they are sexual satisfied, they must then go try to find new sexual partners.

Verbally and openly discussing sexual needs is a a great way to figure out things.DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK .Don't be afraid to say NO either. communication is important.

Having said that, we learn as we go along. Trying anything as long as it NOT A HEALTH HAZARD IS FINE.
There are so many techniques that are completely hazardous healthwise and it might be a good idea to avoid them.Ask your doctor about how the female or male body is constructed, coz once you know how the human body is tend to know on your own, what might work or what might be unhealthy.

                                  About seeking health resources for information, 
Porn sites/videos  are the least accurate in terms of offering sex advice..They are NOT real live sex demonstrations.They are films with people ACTING and are shot with actors already on medication or drugs in order to achieve or make it look like their organs or secondary sexual characteristics are too unnaturally endowed etc. The films are shot on repeat multiple shooting schedules and put together.It is naive to watch and mimic porn movies. 

comparing sexual notes with your friends is the most stupid thing to do..Why?
because we are all physically and mentally very different people.
While being so different both in terms of physical appearance and emotional make up,Sdd in the variability of the physical differences that will exist between their partner and yours too>> discussing techniques is a FUTILE EXPERIENCE.. I mean,what works for them, won't work for all..coz you are two different people..
Sex is more MENTALLY WIRED than you ever thought it was..

So, COMPARISON with your friends or your other sexual experiences with other people while you are with this new person IS  a NO-NO


For me, 
Sex can happen only if i get so emotionally attached with another person that i want to be with them..So,there is  no scope for comparison  at all.
                                    I will be with someone only when I sense that they are very into me .Once  they are so into me,they are not going to compare at all.All they are thinking even in their head is just me and All I am thinking even in my head is them.

But , there are so many people that just have sex with people they are NOT really into.That is where the problem arises..You are not so into them,so you start comparing in your head, you discuss with friends, you do all that ..coz YOU ARE NOT SURE.

So, first off, get very sure ..then do it!

America,The Vanity factor,Cellulite,Suction cups to eliminate Cellulite,bikinis,pool parties

Before i start off the blog entry i have to first insist that i am a 30 year old female physician and though these blogs are not meant as specific medical advice, I know quite a bit of these are informed blog entries that i am making here.

One thing i don't like about America is the vanity factor very
prevalent these days.
Duh, cellulite!
                      See, if people put on  a fat layer over a period of time  and then quickly  lose it
too quick in too short a time, the connective tissue that was holding the fat cells together in a layer under the skin,  takes a lil while to disappear.. and that connective tissue pulls at the skin and that is what celllulite is.

                  And to think that these girls(young and old alike) sit and torture themselves with suction cups to get rid of it..Duh..cellulite  is a natural thing.Just let it correct itself naturally.The suction mechanism actually seperates the skin from the undersurface..All these ladies  doing suction cup therapy to eliminate cellulite from their butts and thighs are eventually going to have loose butt skin when they get older.. geez..

           TOO much vanity..
Also too much social pressure to wear small bikini briefs at pool parties,
Too much of this principle of  people being disrespected coz they have cellulite, all contribute to this vanity mania.
                        First off, I don't think I am just about to provide a free butt show to every unrelated guy with a beer gut at the swimming pool.
               If  the guy is a boyfriend or husband
              and he is equally good looking too
             and we are later going to have sex,
             YES, parading in a bikini as part of foreplay or swimming together to heat it all up is a great idea..

But , but, why must i parade in too small bikinis at a community pool party where everybody from 18 yr old males to 50 year old hairy misshapen unrelated men get to ogle at my body.why?I am not a free entertainment show and there must NOT be any social pressure for young women to parade their wares to everyone. as much as there must NOT be any social pressure for young women to cover themselves up in suffocating veils even if they don't want to (all in the name of honor..whose honor..WTF)

So,yeah..vanity.. too much of insecurity and vanity.they go hand in hand.

Refuting theories predicting gender based intelligence capacities/inclinations

Let me start off this blog entry with a little piece of info..
I am a 30 year old female physician.
I am also an artist, writer (and other such paraphernalia.).What I am NOT though is a Mathematician.
I do have both sides of my brain equally smart.I have always been good at math , though i chose to pursue medicine over math in college

Contrary to this hypothetical belief that ,somehow, a person can only have one side of their brain better working than their other side, because of which a person who is good at math cannnot be artistic and viceversa, It is infact possible for a person to be good at both MATH and ART , If a person gives themselves the opportunity to learn both.

I find the theory of hemispherical dominance,  Utter BULL-SHITE..
As a physician AND an artist too,
I don't think this DOMINANCE is inherent or genetic at all ..I don't think this dominance is INEVITABLE either..
For one, I am AMBIDEXTROUS..A certain indication that possibly both my hemispheres work equally efficiently..???
I also want to say NO to this theory where somehow women are so good  at arts and women are oh so insightful and somehow  men are oh so good at math and women are not and Men have no emotional quotient.
All this gender based intelligence predictions are very gender discriminatory and insulting and discouraging to both men and women to attempt anything that is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE NORMAL FOR THEIR GENDER.

My response to this is,
We are all born with the same type of brain, irrespective of gender.
Yes, women have a smaller cranial capacity.That is due to the effect of female sex hormones on the cranial bones during growing years.Brain size has nothing to do with intelligence , unless ofcourse the brain is too microcephalic(small) to actually cause a reduction in the actual number of functional neurons available.

Though the cranial capacity of women's skulls is slightly less than that of men's skulls, women have brains which are denser-as in tightly packed than men..

AT the end of the day..BOTH MEN AND WOMEN are  born with the SAME NUMBER OF NEURONS..From then on, what differs is how much we expose our brains to challenging environments that help us learn and get more intelligent .As we get more intelligent, our brains ends up developing more synapses(connections between adjacent neurons)
Synapses are quite indicative of how much info we are storing in our brains as time goes on..
So, there is NO GENDER SPECIFIC difference in intelligence capacities at all..It is how  much of info you expose yourself to on a day to day basis that determines intelligence and this is irrespective of gender.In many societies though, women are closed down and are made to sit at home cooking meals for the family without being given the opportunity to learn.which is sad

With regards to why women in olden ages were better at being insightful and less inclined to math

It was because, being insightful was what their life depended on..
Their welfare depended on sitting at home and sucking up to  the male members of the family coz they weren't socially allowed to work outside of their home.They ended up financially dependent even for food/clothing , on the male members of the family.Thus, their life depended on gauging the moods of the male members and pleasing them, just to ensure that their needs are met indirectly.So, in a way, the social system turned women into these insecure manipulative dependents.very sad!

Men on the other hand were socially allowed to go out there and learn stuff--they were actually allowed schooling where they learned math. If you don't send the girl children to school and force them sit at home and then teach them only how to cook...DUH of course they won't know math.. 

If you costantly praise the girl children only if they cook well or do embroidery well or play the piano well, that is what they will show interest to learn further ..coz that is the THEORY OF POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT..We all tend to train ourselves better at activities that bring us praise and appreciation from fellow humans..

So if men are praised for being good at school, they try better at school and math..If women are constantly praised if they cook and feed the family and run around in semi stripped clothes that is what they will be inclined to do more .

At the end of the day..our common aim is TO BE PRAISED AND APPRECIATED for our actions.If studying and being smart gets the woman, suspicions and disrespect from males, the women tend to not attempt those activities..coz being smart doesn't get them boys..ya know..that kinda thought process!

Anyways, coming back to RIGHT BRAIN DOMINANCE and LEFT BRAIN DOMINANCE in  the same  person..
I honestly don't think the theory of  HEMISPHERE DOMINANCE should be given any importance at all..
one classic example is

In my opinion he is a GOD..
Seriously,I adore him so much..One of my inspirations in life, besides others like MADAM CURIE, MAHATHMA GANDHI, BUDDHA and some other present day contemporaries who remind me of me

LEONARDO DA VINCI for one..was a great artist..
His paintings.. --breathtaking , beautiful , artistic ..yet very mathematically constructed, medically accurate too..
Leonardo da Vinci was also a mathematician
So many inventions are attributed to him.So many of his inventions were way ahead of his time.
His mechanical models , so accurate, so functional..( if you get Discovery channel on TV  in your country, please try and watch DOING DA VINCI-these guys are trying to reconstruct some of his older designs  which were luckily found in his NOTEBOOKS)

Leonardo da vinci was also an anatomy expert
When i see his drawings , I understand how much of a wealth of knowledge he was/is.
In my opinion, given how much of knowledge he had about the human body, he is also a physician

Leonardo da vinci was supposedly vegetarian.
Now I am secretly smiling to myself coz i am vegan.. These kind of humane lifechoices are made my people who take time to THINK..It takes a lot of thinking, for a human to understand that , meat is NOT a natural diet for humans.. coz we are not physically equipped to hunt like a tiger or a crocodile.

We are wimps..our fingernails suck..
If we smell freshblood,we puke..coz that is not what we are supposed to eat.
It might be so easy to pick  up -already bled and cleaned up meat pieces-off supermarket shelves,  but then..would you be able to eat raw meat? like bleeding raw meat? no?YEAH..i thought so!
So, to think that someone centuries ago, understood that principle that eating meat is UNNATURAL,  and made a life-choice to be a a great point of inspiration for me..

Leonardo da vinci was rumored to be homesexual..i have no idea how historians came to such a conclusion coz most historians speculate..They can only speculate.What they speculate could be false .....or TRUE..whatever!
I have no specific opinions on this issue..I am against sexual abuse of minors though, coz,minors  don't understand the gravity fo what is going on sexually with them.If you are the older person trapping a minor to do sexual things with you,you are totally to blame..So, yeah, lay off the minors,please!

But as far as homosexuality between two consenting adults who reallly really love each other.. I have no judgements.. Casual sex between two adults even if heterosexual is highly undesirable though..coz the kind of sex you can have when you  are really into another person is quite different from mindless sex you can have with a person you don't love.
so anyways..
Looks like Leonardo Da Vinci  was a very good looking man--Great body, great muscle defintion.good muscle mass..WHOA! I am like.dude ..what else do I want in a man..he is vegetarian.. he is a smart ass and he has a greek god body..
So, looks like i have a major crush on a historical character..excellent..LOL

My point here of this blog entry

Both brain hemispheres can be dominant
Both males and females can be good or bad at math or good or bad at math or good or bad at both math and arts together at the same time.

Friday, December 4, 2009

What is the right time to start having sex for girls?

Before i start off the blog entry i have to first insist that i am a 30 year old female physician and though these blogs are not meant as specific medical advice, I know quite a bit of these are informed blog entries that i am making here.

The human pelvis and bones continue to grow till age of 19-21.Any act of nature that stunts that growth is not really a natural thing to do-because nature doesn't design activities that are detrimental to the growth of the body at all
Any act of unprotected natural sex will lead to a pregnancy if the intercourse occurs during ovulation time.yeah?
This pregnancy will suck up all the energies of the female body not allowing the pregnant body to grow in length.Thus, it is not natural for any girl below the age of 19-21 to have unprotected sex at all.Because if she gets pregnant, she allows the fetus to grow at the cost of her own growth.It is like a growing child allowing another child to suck up her share of growth.
Young girls below 19, no matter what anyone tells you, having sex below you reach your full height is the most self destructive thing to do to your own body.Wait, learn, then do it after you reach your full height,after you reach a position where you are emotionally ready to be a parent and are financially able to get a job to support the child incase the boy bolts from responsibility.

1/As a young girl below 19, It is perfectly normal to SAY NO to having sex-especially unprotected sex..
2/19 is NOT too late to start having your first sexual experience.
Infact, you are more mentally mature,
You know what you want(to a certain extent)
You have grown your almost full height by then,
Your pelvis is fully developed and ossified too..
You have gotten high school done and complete(college is better, but high school drop out is the worst thing )
So, you are ready ..
Ready to have sex..not to get pregnant though!!
Not that i advice to get pregnant by 19..but yes, 19 is the right age to try and start having sex.
Anything prior to 19 is too soon.
You have a whole lifetime ahead of you people..hurrying and having sex at much younger ages only gives you a wrong idea of what sex is all about..because our first time is forever etched in our sexual psyche and what an illinformed kid experiences is not really that worth remembering but we all remember...
So, wait tilll 19,,both boys and girls..k?

The truth about Oral sex

All humans have something called  GAG REFLEX.Men have it too..

 If something goes and touches the back of the tongue or throat, we gag immediately.It is a REFLEX..Just like our eye blinks when something attempts to enter the eye.It is a protective thing.

When a guy asks a girl to give him oral sex
a blow job,He is asking her to ignore her gag reflex and get used to sucking someone else's organ-The same organ that he uses to urinate..That is almost like licking a toilet bowl in the name of sex.

When men give oral sex to women, it is not the same.There are no large parts that men need to put deep into the mouth.Men don't need to ignore their own  gag reflex while giving an oral to a woman,because they don't need to put anything deep inside.So, if a man offers to give you an oral in exchange for you giving him an oral,,it is still not a fair deal.

      However , it is still the area nearer to another area from where she urinates, and no matter how gleamingly clean you scrub your ceramic potty, would you be okay to lick it? no? Then, how come you are okay to lick the perineal area? So , mean are licking the toilet bowl too in the name of giving oral sex

If someone gives an oral out of their own choice and not due to social pressure it is fine.
"Social pressure" is to give or take it  because that is what  EVERYONE does.everyone else gives/gets an oral and likes it,so unless I like it or I give it or get it, I am not normal.)
But most often, women agree to give an oral because they are scared that if they don't, the man will try to get it from prostitutes or other women. There is something called a gag reflex and we all have it.. so..there ya go..the truth about oral!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

How the concept of MIXED CROPPING can minimize the use of fertilizers!

Artificial/synthetic fertilizers, though might immensely increase agricultural yield temporarily, they end up immensely altering the nitrogen balance,chemical composition and acidity levels of the soil and in the process also kill native micro-organisms of the soil.Each microorganism of the soil thrives at a certain acidity of the soil.If the soil acidity alters, the microbes die.
These microbes play an important role by degrading large macro plant and animal matter back into nutrients which then become part of soil as usable and absorbable elemental nutrients for plants.Plants depend on these soil minerals and nutritions to grow and produce newer food for us.
Thus, usage of artificial minerals/fertilizer  to the soil as an effort to increase agricultural yields, over a longer term, essentially makes the soil useless after years of repeated fertilizer administration.
The solution? A concept called MIXED CROPPING.
Nothing new at all.Mixed cropping has existed in nature prior to agriculture happened.All plants of DIFFERENT SPECIES live together side by side on a patch of soil  in THE WOODS.That is a natural phenomenon.
What we have been  practicing ever since modern day agriculture has come into being  is MONOFARMING..We plant the same variety of  plant all over the field, sometimes extending to a vast expanse of miles and miles ..

Mono-farming is not how plants grow naturally though.
In the wilderness , many different plants live together.. in the same area.. some of these plants form symbiotic pairs too.A Symbiotic existence is one where one organism helps the other organism in some way.They benefit from living together and helping each other without damaging each other.

So, in the forest,plants live together..all together. This 'Living together' is a version of Mixed cropping.This co exitence is what is called an mini ecosystem.A mini ecosystem is able to sustain itself and repair itself .Much unlike a monocropped piece of land that runs on artificial fertilizer.

But in planned agriculture by humans, we plant a single species on a patch of land and deliberately delete all other plants from that patch of soil, by "WEEDING" them out!This type of selective plant propogation is called MONO-cropping.Mono cropping in itself sucks out the nutrients from the soil.

A standard example of how we can apply mixed cropping into our farming practices is to pair a nitrogen fixing plant with another non nitrogen fixing plant and plant them together in the same piece of land.
A classic example of a nitrogen fixing plant is -peanuts.A peanut plant has nodules in it's roots that have bacteria in them that fix atmospheric nitrogen into a form that the plants can then use. This then eliminates the need for artificial fertilizer.Thus, pairing either beans/peanuts with  maize/other cereal grain plants , really, not only takes care of the soil but also gives us variety in our meals..It is a TWO-BIRDS-with-ONE-STONE method.We then end up with great soil and also end up with  both beans/peanuts(protein rich) and maize/wheat(carbohydrate) in our plant yields.

You can practice mixed cropping even in your tiny kitchen garden. Look up more info.Research!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Porn addiction among males and how it is indirectly related to female financial independence

90% of men these days are APPARENTLY porn addicts(as stated by a male friend).

This piece of info might be a CONCOCTED one much like many of the  other "FACTS" floating around the internet.

My male friend  says that this MUCH TOO COMMON INTERNET PORN ADDICTION  is because OF THE FACT that  all men are the same .They all like gawking at possibly under-aged and under-payed, possibly sexually abused  and truly very much socially exploited/stigmatized women coz it is a "genetic" male trait to just look at STRANGER women on the screen and BE SO DISCONNECTED about the human story of that face or VAGINA  on the screen  that they get turned on and then they jack off !

So, PORN "TRAINS" MEN TO jack off OFF STRANGERS.It allows them to disconnect EMOTION FROM SEX and just jack off to strangers whom they don't know anything about ,except the size and shape of their vaginas and size of their boobs and these sizes MIGHT NOT EVEN BE REAL..Thanks to prosthesis and camera tricks and discontinuous shots and whatever else.

Anyways,coming back to what my male friend said,
First off,
 Porn addiction has got nothing to do with sexual tension or genetic traits.
Infact, when I see my teen patients, I see that porn addiction is equally prevalent in the female teens as much as in the male teens..

Sexually curiosity is one factor but another factor is the lack of STEADINESS in the male-female or male-male or female-female  relationships that these teens experience these says.Infact what attracts people in general to PORN is the lack of an emotionally/sexually fulfilling REAL LIFE STEADY RELATIONSHIP. Peeps start watching porn to fill that voit and Ironically then Porn trains you to be a VOYEUR..and then you get SO TRAINED to be a voyeur ,you get wired that way sexually, much like a pavlov's dog and then REAL PEOPLE don't do it anymore for you sexually..INTERESTING TURN OF

My male friend says that is is  a GENETIC TRAIT OF MALES to like "disconnected masturbation".
I disagree.
I am sure every human being would RATHER HAVE sex (cyber sex included) with someone real person, in flesh and blood ,someone whom they know personally and whose personality they like and who likes them in return too.


However, I do agree that this porn addiction amongst males might be a  MALE TRAIT STEMMING OUT OF SOCIAL CONDITIONING..(but definitely NOT GENETIC)! Females can be just as porn addicted, if they had enough money to buy porn on the internet, and also if it was socially just as accepted.
In a chauvinistic society,dysfunctional male traits( which are a result of being DAMAGED early on in life) are often disregarded/brushed off as something men do  and thus socially accepted as something that MEN DO and as it is commonly put "BOYS WILL BE BOYS ! "

Certain social patterns guide  certain behavioural patterns.
Social changes also mean behavioral changes.
One such social change that has occurred ever since women fought for their right to earn their own living and right to have equal rights as equal humans in society, is the FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE OF WOMEN.
In a chauvinistic society, FINANCIAL DEPENDENCE OF WOMEN WAS A IMPOSED SOCIAL TREND that made women unable to earn their own incomes and because of that , they ended up FINANCIALLY DESPERATE enough to stick to a  moneyed man though they found him undesirable and such.

In chauvinistic times, MEN would use money as a tool to CONTROL women and just USE THEIR BODIES to dump their sexual frustration..Much like a SOCIALLY ACCEPTED WAY OF buying a person female concubine.

But now with EQUAL RIGHTS, the whole equation has tipped over..No more CONTROLLING ! Women using sex as a control tool to make husbands do what they desire is another blog entry for another day.K?

Shortly, coming back to the topic of  INTERNET PORN ADDICTION.Though it is often touted as a MALE TREND,I FEEL that is is a newer trend  prevelant in BOTH SEXES.
Coupled with TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES where PORN IS JUST A CLICK AWAY  and social trends, porn addiction is more common place than it ever was.
It is also a mirror to society which is finding a DISCONNECTED SEXUAL OUTLET via internet-porn Safer,STD free and free from the supposed HASSLE of needing to be with a real life person which would demand sharing more than just a fleeting sexual  moment.

I am generally NOT against the idea of EROTICA being used as a way to relieve sexual tension,
but hiring ECONOMICALLY DESPERATE, FAR TOO YOUNG WOMEN and women alone not men(not that men prostitutes ,why?)  as EYE CANDY( how come there are not that many male porn actors on the internet especially the webcam sites(voyeurism central ?) and  and also the large amount of drug usage amongst porn actors and large amount of human trafficking associated with the porn production companies , allows me to have great displeasure at the HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION happening via porn.

The "HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION IN PORN" topic fits to be written as another blog entry...while the current blog entry is more about how financial Independence of women has contributed to porn addiction amongst men.

So yeah, PORN is a convenient outlet for men who
a/don't have enough EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT to be able to successfully communicate with real life women,
b/a man who oftentimes doesn't  know how to behave with a  REAL  life girlfriend in order for the girl not  want to dump him.
c/a man with too much pent up sexual tension with no opportunity for an outlet

In chauvinistic societies, men who make enough money but with no other desirable traits , could still manage to find wives whom they could mindlessly F*CK EACH NIGHT...That is not so easily possibly anymore (sans the HUGH HEFFNER lifestyle ),
In today's society of gender equality, Men are oftentimes needing to start becoming more caring in other ways than just provide some spending money to be able to KEEP A WOMAN ...Earlier they were having it so easy..Now?NOT SO MUCH.

And in today's world , many girls are financially independent(at least girls whose parents have brought them up the right way will be financially independent) ,so these girls who earn their own money will most likely dump men that won't behave  desirably with them(unlike older financially dependant housewives).

So, single men with  A LOW EMOTIONAL IQ  end up on porn sites and spend money watching women naked coz all humans do need some sexing up every now and then (what with the fact that there is no real woman around and they are not getting any due to the fact that they have already been dumped by their steady gf if they ever had one, adds up to the sexual tension)

Essentially, the porn girls on screen and their disconnected sex acts on screen are much akin and are APT replacements for the housewife who has sex with a man because it was deemed her marital duty to "PROVIDE" sex to the husband that "provides" spending money for her and her household...NO DIFFERENCE, JUST A DIFFERENT FORMAT.

Think about it...What is the solution to this mess?

All girls must and should have a source of income of their own ( PORN CANNOT BE A SOURCE OF INCOME)
PORN IS modern day slavery .A  modern day form of buying human bodies or renting human bodies...SEX cannot be for sale....Sex is such an emotional thing...the one last TRULY UNTOUCHED HUMAN INSTINCT...STOP BRINGING MONEY INTO IT.
Ladies, have a job of your own and then have MONEY FREE-love filled sex with a man you love.

Men, have a job of your own and  then also develop a personality that is really truly representative of the real you, then find a woman that LOVES YOUR real personality , then have love filled sex with her.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Why I am such a twitter-Ho these days!

I know ,I know.I firstly apologize for abandoning my blog and going over to become a Twitter-Ho!(yes,I used the H word,for the kicks!)
The advantage of twitter is the smaller blogs-'MicroBlogging' if you may!No,actually,I think I am genetically inclined to write long long long compositions and then not even having the decency to spell check them and type them at the rate of 75 words per minute which causes the letters to exchange positions -more like Typing Dyslexia -LOL and posting them on my blog without prooofreading them-All because of I love long conversations and if there is no one around-Monologues--aka--Long blog entries.Therefore,Twitter,with its 140 character limit forces me to become precise .It saves me time and it gives rest to my fingers and yet,It manages to allow me to keep putting my opinions out there
One disadvantage with twitter though is that, when you just type out 140 characters,YOu may not be able to explain the whole scene,The whole history behind the tweet or the context and thus you put yourself at risk of being misunderstood.
FYi:this tiny blog entry is going to get crossposted onto my other blog The not so daily ramble blog as well, and If you already subscribe to both please don't curse me for multiple posting.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pack your lunches in recyclable packaging

First of all, Let us start in the beginning.
Please take the time to pack your lunch to work or school.
Packing your own lunch saves tons of money.No matter how many millions you make, nothing beats the health and hygiene of a home packed lunch.Plus ,you save money.Even if you make a lot of money, you can still save some lunch money and donate it to UNICEF.yeah?
When you pack a lunch avoid packing up sandwiches in plastic wrap.Wasting that much of plastic -which is non recyclable and non biodegradable and something that adds up to the garbage of the world is simply irresponsible.
I know sandwiches are wet and therefore just packing them in a plain paper bag makes the bag go wet by noon.
Therefore, pack your wet sandwiches in a recyclable lunch box.A recyclable lunch box is something that you can clean in a dishwasher or under a tap.A steel box or a plastic box will both do . Make sure the box has tight leak proof lid and you are all set to go.
By choosing not to use plastic wrap and by choosing not to use aluminium foil wrap you are surely make an attempt to reduce the garbage load on landfills.
The next time you pack your lunch, you use a lunch box or atleast use a wax/oil paper instead of plastic.Yeah?

Monday, June 29, 2009

The washing machine that uses only a cup of water

I read about this invention very recently here
washing machine that uses only one cup of water

So, well, To cut the long story short,
This washing machine still uses electricity for its operation, so it is not one of those magic washing machines that run on nothing.
Guessing from the description I am guessing they don't use any detergent per say, but then they use beads-a load full each time in lieu of detergent and water.
But the thing is, these beads , they are a certain type of plastic, which when slightly moistened, tend to gain the property of attracting and gathering up dust, much like soap does, but well, for a loadful of beads, only a cupful of water is enough to moisten them and convert them to an amorphous form
This amorphous form is what is active in making clothes clean.
The best part about these beads is that these beads can be reused.After the tumbling and cleaning action, the beads get collected out seperately by the machine for most part.And these beads can be reused for upto 100 loads, which is fairly fine given the fact that , these beads saves us 100 loads of detergent used and also hundred loads of water used.
Saving water is such a great priority these days. After all , drinking water is a valuable resource and the lesser we can get by with using the better.
I think this washing machine is going into commercial production in a couple of years in North America.Good!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Go Potty, Ecofriendly style!!

First off, i am such a procrastinator when it comes to blogging. I get a million sentences in my head each day..but, I am lazy to switch on my computer and then type away.So, I let that moment pass.
 But, every week, some of friends blog, and i go to their websites to read their stuff, and then ofcourse, they say such wonderful things, I feel compelled to comment coz i have to share my views  and then I sign in and then from there i come to my own blog and post my comments. 
                     Jason Mraz's recent blog talks about how cutting back on toilet paper overusage might help the environment. He took pains to explain step by step how to use as less toilet paper as possible.He is a doll like that. Ofcourse, as is usual, I had to go one step further and leave an even nerdier more elaborate comment about the issue.

Here goes my comment:

Blogger Le cinq blog said...

The best thing to do is to first get a pressure nozzled water outlet fixed near the potty .Use the pressure nozzle to find your ideal water jet pressure, which needs to be directed from a bit far onto the peri anal area(area around external anal sphinctre) and the hose it down like they hose down dirt in the driveway and once the anus is relatively clean, shake off excess water and then wipe dry with two sqaures of toilet paper. No need to touch with hand but extremely clean, even cleaner than just water hose, or just toilet paper.Voila!

First off, I came back coz i wanted to take time to read the rest of the comments here .The commenters are like a like-minded community on here. Read all the comments. Lovely to hear talking about bidets,menstrual cups,recycled paper and culture patterns and what not. My two cents, though menstrual cups can offput the environmental damage of sanitary pads, INADEQUATE STERILIZATION BY UNEDUCATED USERS IS A MAJOR CONCERN.I say this is a physician. But ,yes, it is certainly a great idea if people know how to use it properly. As far as using the left had in concerned, as i have said in my previous comment,not using a hand at all is a great idea if you could use a pressure faucet to hose off the anus. Again,yes,like some commenters pointed out, a good fiber in your diet will cause for easy defecation and will lead to less sticking in the anal area.Yes, squatting causes for lesser mess after defecation too. Thumbs up to people that pointed those points out. Cheers and Hugs to everyone.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Midwives,Home deliveries, and high risk pregnancies

I left this as a comment on Kevin MD's blog, here goes the link

Just had to share this with my own readers
Here goes my comment:

I agree completely with Dr.Greg.I have seen midwives who have no idea of many obstetric complications and don't diagnose things early enough during routine Obstetric checkups and then take it till the last minute when all they know is that the delivery is not happening and there is some complication but they themselves have no idea what exactly and precisely the problem is.They do not have enough clinical acumen to pick up signs early and treat them and simply rely on luck often times which sadly is at the cost of the life of the mother and child. I myself have witnessed women come to emergency rooms and then die on the ER table there coz they kept trying to deliver till the last minute at the home and only came to ER coz the mother collapsed due to massive bleeding which is essentially too late to seek medical help .A mother's life is important, You cannot let her die due to problems that could have been easily managed had it been a hospital birth. Yes, midwives can play a role in routine check ups and doing home visits to ease the burden of Obstetricians in remote areas where not many Obstetricians are available, but having a hospital delivery is the safest.But then this is sensible only after the woman first visits at crucial points during a pregnancy and makes sure it is not an already predetermined complicated pregnancy. Please remember that even a seemingly normal case can become complicated during labor due to massive bleeding and what not. It is unfair to first mess up a case and then run to the Obstetrician in the last minute for help .

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hormones , and other substances causing anger

I got a large number of reader queries asking the same thing.

Well, for one, before answering this question, I have to clarify something. No, hormones are not what cause anger. yes, the life situations that evoke anger might cause certain hormones and other substances to be released during that course of anger but no, hormones on their own are not the ones causing anger.
Anger is a mere response to something that is there in your environment that is happening or happened to you and is now recorded in your memory and your replay that past moment and get angry. Yes, so therefore, anger is not an independent entity. It is a response to an environmental stimulus or a mental though stimulus.
Similarly, Hormones per say don't cause anger. Moreover, it is not certain hormones that predominantly figure in anger and other emotions. It is certain neurotransmitters that are associated with anger or mania or psychosis or depression etc. 
Yes, there are certain hormones which when produced in excess in the body can reduce your threshold for certain environmental stimuli and cause you to get angry quickly and such and i did talk about these hormonal imbalances in my previous blog entries. Please look at all my archives to find more than one article on hormones and their effects thereof. As far as neurotransmitters are concerned, I am gonna take some time and simplify complicated neurotransmitter lingo and then post a blog entry about them at a later point of time. 
Meanwhile keep those questions coming. All these blog entries are only advisories are not actually meant as specific medical advice. Please visit your family physician if you feel you need medical attention .

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How some organically grown plants might actually not be vegan

I see a lot of vegans go a step further and set more dietary rules for themselves like for eg. How they are only going to eat locally grown food and how they are not going to buy from companies that hire cheap labor and exploit them and such. One resolve I commonly see in vegans is that many of them insist on buying only Organic food.
What exactly is organic food?
Organic food is food that is grown using Organic raw materials. Yes, the term organic is used quite differently is the world of chemistry and Biochemistry where It could actually even include petroleum and other products. Any compound that technically has Carbon and Hydrogen could be organic. Also, did you know that petroleum products are also actually derived from highly compressed plant or animal material over centuries and centuries?
Anyways,nowadays, when we say organic food, we actually don't mean it the Biochemistry and organic chemistry way. We mean it in a different way . The term 'Organic food' is essentially used to indicate that while growing the plants, no chemical fertilizers were used. Only non chemical manures were used. Non chemical manure is mostly derived from compost .

Why is NOT USING chemical fertilizers very important?
Chemical fertilizers are chemicals which can alter the pH of the soil (i.e, make it either more acidic or more basic) over the long run and sometimes make the soil worthless for future cultivation over years .

How does this happen?
Well, for one, You must remember that a lot of microorganisms live in the soil. These microbes are the ones that are responsible for breaking down large biological matter added to the soil to smaller easily absorbable nutrients.
Who absorbs these nutrients you ask?
Well, the plants do. Thus the lovely food chain continues.The plants use minerals from the soil and use the sunlight energy and with chlorophyll(the green pigment of plants) synthesize various compounds that enable the plants to grow. We as herbivores(yes , being a vegan myself now, I am sticking to the theory that we are herbivores and not carnivores.Read my previous entry for more details as to why I believe so) eat these plants and plant products.We grow big and live long and finally die. We are buried or cremated . The microbes then act on us and break us down into smaller particles which then are reused by the plants.
So yeah, coming back to the question of the organic food. Technically, any manure that is not a synthetic chemical qualifies as organic. Due to this misling definition, many farms which also have associated animal dairy farms not only use the animals fecal matter as organic manure, they sometimes use the slaughter house meat offal as manure too. It is documented that a lot of fish wastes in fillet manufacturing units are also ground up and used as certified organic manure.

Why is animal slaughter house offal and ground fish not safe as organic manure?
In the past few centuries ever since man started eating more and more animals as part of his regular diet, newer group of parasitic infections have started appearing in humans which previously  were only known to occur in animals.
You see, even hundred years ago, not that many people were eating squid or lobster on a regular basis as they are now.
Sure, some coastal communities used to eat them , but thanks to faster refrigerated transport means available now which is often called as the COLD CHAIN, A lot of supermarket shoppers have started consuming such sea animals at a larger AND faster and alarming rate . So yes, Now we have a whole new group of parasitic and non parasitic infections that have started appearing in human patients that were never commonly found in humans earlier , all thanks to this change in diet pattern where we are eating things we are NOT supposed to eat at all.
Coming to vegans and organic food, Vegans per say by their clever Dietary choice to avoid animals or animal products in their diet are smart enough to circumvent exposure to aforementioned parasitic infections and other such rarely occurring microbial infections as well. UNLESS, unless ,of course the vegetables they eat are somehow coming in contact with fish or meat of some sort like when
a/meat being placed next to or touching vegetables on stall shelves,
b/Same person handling both vegetables and meat at the supermarket without washing hands
c/tainted sewage water touching low branch vegetables in fields being irrigated with kitchen waste water/bathroom waste/sewage water)

How exactly can such cross contamination of vegan food with animal parasites occur?

yes, this is where organic farming figures. If you remember right, there have been far too many episodes of salmonella infection/e coli infections  due to contaminated tomatoes or contaminated pistachios and what not? Salmonella is supposed to be transmitted to humans only from animal products.E.coli by the very definition of its name comes from the intestines of animals (coli?) . The only way plant products can acquire salmonella is when they have been in contact with other contaminated animal products, be it contaminated eggs or contaminated cheese or what I suspect organic manure made from ground up fish or animal offal from meat curing plants or slaughter houses.

Therefore, I think it is time vegans think twice prior to being too keen on organic food. The organic food you purchase might not really be vegan after all, what with all the ground fish and meat offal that come  in close contact with your tomatoes that were hanging too low to have touched the soil. Ya know, think about it !
What is the solution to this?
For one, if you live in the suburbs, you could try composting your own organic wastes and then using that compost to feed your own lil kitchen garden.

Secondly, when buying locally, you can ask your grower if they use ground up animal offal as manure. I am sure your local grower will be happy to provide your this information if you sound really interested. Research your food before you eat that is all I am saying.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hormones and Hormonal disturbances

I am making this blog entry because of one of my blog readers wanted to know about them.
I am going to try to keep it very very basic and simple giving you very basic details and thus letting you know what symptoms might be serious enough for you to go pay a visit to your family general physician .
What are hormones?
The body has different organs that perform different funtions and all these organs are well connected and function like a well oiled machine with independently functional parts that also need to function as a single unit. Hormones are the substances are produced by various body organs in response to a particular body state. Most of these hormones are released upon higher orders by the brain as and when the brain senses the need for this and this hormones to be released.
What are the hormonal imbalances to look out for and How can I recongnize that something is wrong?
I am not going to go into the details of the various hormones and their functions. I am just going to explain it like I would as a physician would to a layperson. I am gonna give you a list of symptoms and what these symptoms might mean in terms of hormonal disturbances.

1/Excessive loss of weight or Excessive thrist or excessive need for urination -
There just might be a problem with Insulin levels in your blood. Again, loss of weight could be due a thousand other causes including cancer or AIDS or tuberculosis etc, but then this blog entry is all about hormones , so let us stick to that.
An excessive loss of weight could also be thyroid related especially if you see yourself getting angry really frequently, stressed out or have hand tremors and such.

2/ Abnormal gain of weight or abnormal increase in appetite --
There could be a thyroid or insulin or andrenal hormones abnormality.
Please remember that gaining weight is bound to occur if you eat more than you require and there might infact no other abnormality except for the fact that you are just eating too much. Again, there are a thousand coumpounded explanations for basic symptoms like these, but yes, if you are eating moderately and yet are putting on weight , just visit your doctor .

3/Abnormal growth of facial hair along with gain of weight and inability to conceive while trying without contraception -
This i specifically mention because the person who wanted me to write this blog entry was looking hormonal disturbances seen in women and what they must look out for . So yes, If you as a women have had irregular or no periods and have noticed increased facial hair, Might as well be a good idea to go visit your OBGyn to check yourself out for Polycystic Ovarian disease. I am not going to go into hormonal details but it would suffice to say that your ovary(one or both of them) are not ovulating on a regular basis which they should as a rule once every month.

4/Irregular periods or excessive bleeding during periods could be a sign of hormonal imbalance-
A normal bleeding will last from 3-5 days every 28 days. Anything more than or longer than that that or anything more than the normal or usual no. of pads or tampons you used to use before is a sign that something in not right. However, some women might have regular periods that occur for normal number of daysbut every 30-34 days or upto 7 days and such, which could still be normal . Now that we are talking about female sex hormones, I am gonna add a brief note about various hormones produced during a mestrual cycle of a woman. Please note that what I am about to describe are hormonal changes that are NORMAL, they are not abnormalities but just normal hormonal changes that occur in a female body.There are a lot of science and medical website that will provide more scientific explanations , but as I have mentioned before, this blog is about making everything very simple and very basic . Here goes
First five days are going to be the time when the inner lining of your uterus sheds its old lining and gets ready for the next cycle where a brand new inner lining starts growing. So essentially the menstrual blood is not pure blood but the sloughed off innner layer of the uterus. This seems to be nature's way of making sure that inner lining of the uterus is healthy enough to hold on to the zygote and allow it to grow and nurture it if at all a fertilization and conception might occur in the coming cycle.
The first 14 days after bleeding
As I already mentioned, the inner cavity of the uterus is very naked since all of the inner lining is shed out. During the first fourteen days, the ovary is maturing follicles so that eventually one ovum is released on the 14 day. During this time, the inner lining of the uterus or womb starts to grow back and starts to increase in thickness. During this time, hormones like FSH is at play which helps the ovum or egg to be mature enough before getting released. Estrogen is another hormone very important these first fourteen days.
Ovulation or 14th day
This involves releasing of the mature egg. Please remember that if a couple has sex without protection during this day or three days before or after, there is a very high degree of pregnancy. Having said that, if a woman has irregular periods as in she doesn't have a typical 28 day cycle, the day on which she ovulates becomes difficult to predict and thus there is no way to calculate what are the right dates to have safe sex.
A hormone called LH is responsible for release of this mature egg.
Proliferative phase Next 14 days prior to bleeding occurs again
Now this phase is essentially designed to support a zygote(the future fetus) if at all the woman manages to conceive during pregnancy. Which is why, the inner lining gets thicker and gets more glands growing in the inner lining just incase a zygote gets attached. During this phase the predominant hormone that is present is Progesterone which will continue to be on high levels all through pregnancy if at all a pregnancy occurs. Both estrogen and pregesterone are high which prevent new ovum from maturing during this period. Please note that it is during this period tha tmany women experience that there is thickened vaginal secretions instead of water secretions from the vagina if any. Many women also experience water logging and some weight gain due to water retention during this time. Some women might experience breast engorgment too(breasts get slightly painful and heavy ).

I just mentioned all the above because , any abnormality in any of the above mentioned hormones can lead to prolonged or excessive bleeding or bleeding mid cyles etc. Visiting an Obgyn would be a great idea.

5/Abnormal protrusion of eyes almost something that looks like the person is staring constantly , loss of weight, stress,tremors
All these are typical symptoms of thyroid excess. On the contrary weight gain and depression cna be seen with throid undersecretion.

So , in short, abnormal weight gain or less, increased or reduced appetite, abnormal facial hair, abnormal weight gain in all wrong places --especially if a feminine weight distribution starts occuring in man could be a problem with adrenal hormones (which there are many),abnormal periods or inability to conceive etc are all common symptoms that might require your attention. This blog entry is just a simple article to help people wanting to find out basics. Though I am a physician, This blog entry is NOT meant as medical advice, since it is absolutely necessary for a physician to examine you in person and look up some blood tests prior to diagnosis.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Microwave or stove top?Also,tips on energy efficient cooking

well, someone reached my blog asking the question of
"whether a microwave saves more energy than a stovetop.?"
They reached my other blog entry where I talk about
'How A Microwave is better than both an Oven and a stovetop'.
I didn't compare the merits of Microwave over the stovetop in that blog entry as much as I did as to how a microwave is better than an oven.
Well, the thing is, a microwave works on a principle of using microwaves to shake the particles in your food and thus heat up your food.
Stove top uses electricity to heat up a coil (if it is a coil stove top) and then that heats the vessel in which you are cooking and thus heat enegry is transferred to your food through the vessel and then it cooks.
At the end of the day both of them do use electricity unless you are using a gas based stove top in which case, combustion of gases produces heat and that then heats a vessel and then the food.
Well, energy cosumption depends on
1/cooking methods,
2/the time you use to cook foods and
3/the vessels you use too.

So comparing just the methods of cooking without telling you about cooking utensils and cooking methods will be like telling you only half the truth.

COOKING UTENSILS--Use good conductors as cooking utensils. Copper is the best vessel to cook in . Copper heats up quickly, heats up evenly and so yeah, good. But then, If you are cooking acidic foods like tomato and what not, There is a possibility for the vessel reacting with the food. Stainless steel is great for cooking also. Iron is a good conductor also, also actually good if the iron keeps getting added to your food, especially to prevent iron deficiency anemia .
Anyways, Using a good conductor vessel on a stove top prevents wastage of heat.
Speaking of which,
A gas based stove is better than a coil stove.

1/Better heat control,
2/lesser wastage of heat,
3/quick heating and quick cooling down preventing wastage again.

Which is the most efficient for heating up foods?

Definitely the microwave, coz it uses a different principle to make the food hot and it doesn't waste heat due to that very reason.
Better than the stovetop coz when heating on a stovetop you have to stir and ofcourse you cannot stir up your apple or carrot cake, can you?
But having said that, If you are using a coil stove or a microwave,
Please take note of the various details on the back of your equipment.
When you know the volts and the watts, you can calculate the the electricity units that this appliance will consume per minute .

Which is where the duration of cooking plays a major role in which appliance is energy efficient!
You see, crock pot recipes use up hours and hours of cooking and well, end up wasting shocking amounts of energy. Here again, You could very well use a pressure cooker to get the same texture you could get out of four hours of slow cooking.A pressure cooker would make lentils in 15 minutes while a crockpot will in four hours. So yeah, choosing the right cooking utensil is also a key factor in determining which appliance will save energy.

Please note that
different micowave ovens have different wattages sometimes.
Why use a large watted microwave when all you are doing is heat a cup of coffee? yeah?

I shall write another blog entry where I teach you how you can calculate the power consumed by your appliance .
For now, I hope this kinda helps whoever wanted to know if a microwave is better than a stovetop.
My answer,
"a low wattage microwave cooks faster than a stovetop and by the virtue of the fact that the shorter time of use of appliance pretty much saves energy".
yes. Please send in more queries if you want to know more

Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth hour and candle burning

For a whole hour on saturday, people all over the world switched off their lights and electrical appliances. Just to demonstrate as to how even a hour of no lights makes a humongous difference in energy saved and energy used.
The problem though was that many people lit candles while their lights were off. That just didn't make sense, since ofcourse, candles are made of petroleum products and damn , lighting candles instead of electric lights, kinda defeats the purpose, dontcha think?
Either ways, earth hour was a good way to learn how simple things and measures can help us save our environment. Remember, by saving the environments we are not doing anyone else a favor other than ourselves. Since ofcourse, if the environment goes, we die too.
We are just trying to make sure we have a future as mankind.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cooking gas from compost and animal fecal wastes

Well, methane gas might kinda be really harmful for the atmosphere and the protective layers of the earth and global warming.
But what if , we could use all these gases without wasting a thing?
well, many farm based communities in third world countries actually use this technology of producing cooking gas and manure at the same time. The manure is organic which works great for all the organic freaks as well.
The procedure involves basically building a simple underground tank which is fitted with intlets and outlets and pressure gauge and and a gas outlet too.
The animal wastes are mixed with adequate water if any and let into this tank and as the wastes rot, methane rises to the top of the tank and then passes out through the top gas tube to the farmer's kitchen for cooking. Meanwhile the other outlet is for the sludge after all this gasesous emnation useful as manure for your farm or kitchen garden(organic farming) .
This cooking gas is so much better than the firewood fuel many backward farm based communities still use there.
If you have a small farm with animals, You might as well try this out .
Speaking of animal wastes, i am pretty sure, this same thing can be done with a human septic tank too. Though ofcourse, the output will be not so much as to do regualar cooking all the time.
Worth a try though.

About Circumcision and STDs -Health post-Vestigial organs and evolution

Well, this ECOLOGY AND HEALTH blog was CREATED to  include my entry on health and healthier lifestyle patterns in addition to my ecology posts. I have so far ignored this aim of mine on this blog.
This prolly is the first of my health blogs on this blog.
I just left a comment on WHITE COAT UNDERGROUND on his blog post about circumcision and how it might just be unnecessary as a routine elective in newborns.
As a physician myself, I left my two cents there on his blog.Thought I might share my comment here with my own readers.
Here goes my comment:(As of oct 2013,I have slightly modified the ACTUAL comment I posted on his blog .I have also PARAPHRASED and added a wee bit extra to my original comment )

About circumcision
It is a procedure that is devised with the premise that the foreskin is an unnecessary part of the body( a vestigial organ if you may) , something we could do without.

At this rate , a kidney is one too. A vestigial organ that is.
Afterall , we can do without a pair. A single functioning kidney is actually enough TO KEEP A HUMAN ALIVE and functioning normally!

coming back to the point in question.

For some reason, I fail to accept the theory of vestigial organs altogether.

You see, I don't think that centuries and thousands of years of evolution would allow for vestigial organs to remain in our bodies at all. Obviously,each organ,we ASSUME is vestigial,IS NOT vestigial at all.It has functions,that we as a medical and research community HAVEN'T figured out yet.

It just is that we as scientists haven't yet figured out the biological function of say The appendix or the foreskin or thymus or other such organs,which we often discount as dispensible organs.

Like you said, the best way to prevent STD's is a condom (male and female condoms) and also perhaps abstinence and single sexual partners.

Circumcision of the newborn,assuming that newborn  brain won't retain the memory of SURGERY OR SURGERY ASSOCIATED PAIN,is UNSCIENTIFIC. and definitely NOT a smart way to prevent STDs.Like I said,let an adult use condoms to prevent STDs..

 With regards to all those other problems associated with an intact foreskin or prepuce, like phimosis, I think, a good genital hygeine and prevention of accumulation of stuff between the foreskin and shaft is so important to prevent such diseases instead of doing DRASTIC PROCEDURES like newborn circumcision.

Yes,we do perform circumcision,IN A CHILD, who comes to the clinic,with a case OF PHIMOSIS..because obviously,the parent is INCAPABLE of giving the kid clean baths and keeping the kid's genitalia clean.
Dear parents of male children who are not yet capable of taking their own baths,please retract the prepuce whatever little you can,clean with mild soap and warm water while giving a bath to your male kid.

I always tell my male patients to retract and clean while in the shower just so that things or secretions don't first accumulate there and then lead to infections and then finally we end up doing emergency circumcisions in adults. I am sure the body needs the foreskin  to protect the penile tip,which has thinner skin than the rest of the penis too.
Also,women, while taking showers,must make it a point,to use their fingers to slightly separate their labia majora and minora and clean with MILD soap and warm water too.
GENITALIA HYGEINE is a great way to avoid URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS AND some genital infections  too.k?

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Why my ecology posts are simple and very basic

I am sure people must wonder why my ecology blog posts are very very basic. Like those simple one liners with no more details than simple suggestions.
Well, for one, there is no dearth for ecology based blogs that are full of very many technical details about the chemical compositions of structures and how things are processed and and the works.
I sometimes find that such detailed descriptions can sometimes discourage people who are just starting off on an enviromentally conscious lifechange path and they may end up being intimidated. They might find it too complicated. My job here is to initiate such beginners to simply try it out with simple beginnings.
Also, many of these ecology blogs make it look like living an environmentally friendly life is very difficult and full of complicated methods and full of sacrifice.IT IS NOT. Not that they intend to but the way they explain things, it might discourage starters from attempting it due to fear that it might be too difficult.
i am only here giving small simple tips, tips that can be understood by beginners. I want everyone to try out because even very very small steps make a huge difference.
My explanations here are very simple and basic because i am targeting the basic beginner who wants to try . That is why , my posts are small and tiny and have one liners . Just to make them more easy to understand.


Monday, March 23, 2009

A lil bit of good parenting goes a long way

Peggy's father passed away recently. You can read Peggy's blog -Look for WOMEN IN SCIENCE on my blogroll on the right.

She wrote a blog entry about her dad and i left a comment for here there.

Here is a copy of that comment that i would like to share with my own readers

My comment:
Awww, Peggy, HUgs to you sweetheart.
He did a great job with parenting as is evident at how wonderful you turned out .
speaking of dads, I think, My dad always wanted me to be the best. He never said not to paying for anything education related or otherwise.
I remember going to the bookstore and wanting to purchase all kinds of books and he for one would never say no .
My mom always also did the same, to encourage me to study and learn and understand.

Good parenting definitely goes a long way.

Hugs to you sweetie. Parents get old , they pass, but their spirit lives on in us as children.

Media potrayal of Women scientists. When SMART IS COOL.

Well, As you can see on my blogroll, You might notice this blog WOMEN IN SCIENCE. Peggy thoroughly does a great job with that blog.
She recently wrote a blog about how for generations though women scientists did excellent work and contributed a lot to science, most of them never really got media coverage as much as the male ones. She writes about how any generic picture of a science lab always shows a man doing the experiments while if at all a woman is in the picture she is potrayed as this admiring onlooker.
needless to say, I left a comment for here there on her blog.
I am gonna post a copy of that comment here as well, just for the benefit of my readers here.

My comment:
Thanks for the round up of pictures.
To think that they actually did have pictures of actual women scientists but then never used for media purposes says a lot about what the media back then thought would sit right the the common social psyche.
They must have thought that " why not just avoid showing pictures of smart scientists lest the poor men feel threatened "
I absolutely love your blog and you know that i have you on my blogroll on my Ecology blog.

Even today's media is still afraid to potray the truth. It breaks my heart to constantly see women constantly potrayed as sex objects while the truth is that millions of women all over the country do real jobs and real tough smart jobs at that. How come such smart women don't get as much coverage?You see,
What they show on tv is what influences the next generation of girl children to aspire to. If 'smart' is potrayed as 'cool', more young women will try to go to college and get a job.
If cheerleading alone is potrayed as coool , we will end up with a whole generation of financially dependant stay at home ex cheerleader women regretting that they never finished college.


Laundry the old fashioned way. gosh ! Air drying of clothes

Before you go all riled up, Let me clarify that i am not asking you to do your laundry the old fashioned way at all. I know, It is VERY VERY HARD WORK. Doing laundry the old fashioned way does save all the energy that the machine uses for tumbling and then rinsing and then squeezing out the water, but then, needing to actually use one's own hands to tumble and squeeze and rinse is a herculean task. I think It was such a herculean task that a whole generation of women were not allowed to have careers and a job outside of home because they had to have somebody at home doing everyone's laundry. Gosh, what kind of human abuse is this?

So, well, suggesting to all of you that you do the laundry the old way , would be a great crime. Imagine tumbling your large large comforters. Anyways, I tried doing laundry the old fashioned way. Ya know, soaking these clothes in soaped water, then trying to brush off the stains and then rinsing in plain water , then hand squeezing and then air drying.
The clothes turned out okay too.
I ended up getting a great work out in the process too.
But, I just cannot imagine doing the same with a comforter. It is just too big for me to handwash it.

So yes, I may not ask you guys to do the hard part of the laundry.

But yes, we could all get just a lil bit environmental friendly and sundry our clothing, especially , if we live in the suburbs and have a large backyard with space to airdry stuff out of the view of the street. We don't want to spoil the visage of the street we live in , do we?

A large amount of power gets consumed in heat drying our clothing. This atleast we could avoid by airdrying or sun drying our clothing.
i know, many of us live in downtown with no backyard, we live in apartments with no place to dry . Such of us, really, we still have to use the heat dryer.

Well, if you are a fat person living in the suburb, then ofcourse, you can try airdrying our laundry after washing it yourself. YOu can try doing this with smaller pieces of clothing like lycra or sythetic tshirts etc. yeah, those clothes need to be your own.There is absolutely no need to handwash your husband's or wife's clothing like a houseslave.LOL

Oh , my environmental fantasies.
Why did i try traditional laundry at my home ,you might ask. I was just plain bored and i wanted to challenge myself to see if I could manage in the most basic of situations where i don't even have a washing machine to my rescue.
Gives me selfconfidence that i am not a technology slave afterall.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Have you heard of the solar cooker ?

A solar cookers uses solar panels and cooks food.
I mean, plain and simple, just load up the food you want to cook , esp rice or cakes or biscuits and leave the solar cooker in the sun and voila, food is ready.
No energy bills whatsoever.
solar energy is such a resource that we have all been ignoring for so long.
Btw, You can actually bake bread , esp the flat bread on a hot granite stone just like that . Just like that. No need for a solar cooker even. This is called "Early man style bread making" LOL
If you have a hot granite stone where sunlight falls on for a reasonable amount of time, just leave your bread dough there for an hour or less and voila , hot bread reeady.
You wouldn't trust it till you try it out yourself.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Use up all your fridge contents first before restocking it

There used to be times in the past ,many years ago when i would buy tons of stuff when I would go grocery shopping.
Come home and stuff up the fridge.
As days passed on, the most frequently used stuff would get over and i would rush to the grocery store to replenish my stocks. What I would forget is the other stuff sitting at the back of the fridge.
The backfridge is a goldmine.But then things would get so stuffed up there that I would finally remove all semi rotting stuff from the back and throw them away.
What a waste of food.This food cost money. This food was produced from resources. Never waste food.No matter how much money we earn or have in the bank , nothing affords us , the humans,the capacity to create our own food.WE ARE NOT AS SELF SUFFICIENT LIKE THE PLANTS. Coz, unlike the plants, we don't do photosythesis. We are dependants. We depend on the plants to make food out of sunlight and dirt...hmmm.We are not "creators", we are just consumers.
Over the years I have grown wiser and more responsible too.I still buy tons of stuff, but then once the front is empty, I start looking in the back and figure out ways to use them in recipes. After a good week of so of this fridge scavenging, finally the fridge gets empty and oh so tidy looking.
This is when i go grocery shopping again.
Saves me money, prevents food wastage and I eat a better variety of dishes instead of obsessing on the same old ones I am crazy about.

Reuse your yogurt or coffee tubs as storage containers.Saves the envo !

First off, if you buy ground coffee in tins You might notice that the coffee comes in metal containers with plastic lids. Once the coffee is over, most of us throw off the tins, the lid and all. This increases garbage load.
Many of us also buy icecreams or yogurt that comes in tubs. Not the papertubs.Some of the yogurt and icecream comes in large thick plastic tubs with a neat fitting lid.
Again, most of us throw these tubs away too. More plastic load on the environment.
The best way is to make use of these plastic tubs for storing dry or wet food. I use the coffee tins for storage of sugar or salt, flour etc.
I use the plastic tubs to store my homemade soyyogurt or homemade creme ets in the refrigerator.
Reusing stuff and using them for long definitely makes sure you are helping in some way.
Some of you might say, "oh, these measures are for poor people who cannot afford to buy nice pretty lil storage containers for the kitchen. I am so rich, I am not going to reuse."
well, " no matter how rich you are ,Unless you are able to immediately make that platic garbage wastes into biodegradable substances, you are still answerable. Your money doesn't make the plastic vanish , does it? So, well, you are not allowed to increase the plastic burden on the earth as much as a poor person cannot"
Be responsible, do your bit.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Use natural light during day time.Saves energy

I see a lot of people or even offices for that matter, they drop down the curtains, and then switch on the lights and the Airconditioner during the day time.
What a waste of energy?
did you know that sunglight is far brighter than artificial light?
why waste energy when you work better in natural light.
Yes , if it is hot or some such, continue using the airconditioner, but atleast open up the drapes and let the natural light in.
yes , yes, some of you live in places with heavy air pollution, so you really cannot deal with car exhaust and such.
But hey, Just don't open the windows, keep them closed, The light does penetrate glass, you see.just let the light in.
It might even make your bones stronger .Ya know, sunglight makes the skin manufacture vit d too.
If the weather is great and you might actually sit outside on the patio too. save energy people. It is these simple things that bring down the bill so low, you will gape.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A pressure cooker saves a lot of energy

well, you know how long it takes to cook lentils? A good 30 min or more..
I have seen waste tons of energy just for a pot of lentils ona stovetop.
So , well the solution would be to buy a pressure cooker.
A pressure cooker works on the principle that under pressure, the steam reaches upto 121 degrees and therefore is able to cook tough foods faster than what boiling water per say can. see, water boil at 100 degress and that never changes. So, when steam under pressure is at 121 degrees, foods get cooked efficiently , uniformly and in a jiffy.
Espcially rice or lentils or beans and such.
It takes a mere 10 mins or a max of 15 min to get sooper smooth creamy lentils.
yes ofcourse, one does need to employ safety precautions while using a pressure cooker.
the steam is under great pressure inside the closed vesssel and therefore it is so important to let the steam out prior to opening the lid.Otherwise, the whole thing will shoot out of the container at high speed like a rocket leading to steam related burns and injuries.
Good luck.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

using a microwave or stovetop instead of an oven saves tons of energy

when buying an appliance it would be a great idea to look at the wattage that is printed at the back of the appliance. And then by usign the wattage you can easily calculate the number of units of energy the appliance is going to use.
saving energy is not only good for the environment but also saves you money.
btw, an oven works on the principle of using electricity to heat up metal rods which then cook your food by radiation rather than direct heat.
See heat gets trasmitted by conduction where the food is in direct contact to the heat source(like say grilling on open fire or on stove top griddle pan etc, convection is mostly associated with heating liquids, where the hot liquid moves up and such.
oven works on radiation principle, where first off the rods get hot and make the air inside the oven hot and the hot air cooks the food in the oven for most part.ya know.
The problem with radiation is that, a lot of heat is lost to the surroudings.
Have you noticed how very often if you have been on a baking spree, how the whole kitchen gets warmer than usual?
that is because, heat is getting lost from the oven to the outside.
That is a waste of energy that coudl be avoided.
for eg. for many items like casseroles , try making them in a microwave than in an oven.
Microwave works on a whole other principle where micrwaves vibrate the food particles that then produce heat. the advanatage is that , the moment you switch off the microwave , the waves stop and no more heat loss.
try it. try using methods like stove top cheesecake making rather than oven, avoid energy wastage.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't leave the tap water running while shaving ,brushing or dishwashing

Okay, I used to at one point do that, keep the tap running coz i would like to rinse as soon as i scrub. I do it even now sometimes, but the most ideal way to wash dishes or shave your face(for me and some hairy faced women as well) or brush is to open the tap only when you are ready to rinse .
You won't believe how much of water you save that . see what happened in georgia, a lake dried up.. this happens when you use more and more when you can use lesser.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Use reusable containers for food storage in the fridge

I notice that a lot of people use disposable zipper bags to store food, then once they eat the food, they happily throw the zipper bag in the bin.
I am not against convenient methods to save time. I have a busy job too. But a stich in time saves nine. All of us need to get out being part of the problem and hop onto to actually physically trying to not be part of the problem .
what is the solution?
Store food is containers with lids. these boxes can then be washed off in the dishwasher and reused.
great way to reduce your garbage load especially of nonbiodegradable wastes esp those zipper lock bags.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Drip irrigation conserves water !

Why do we need to conserve water you might ask.
yeah, it is renewable in a given way, but then given the exploding population of humans, the rate at which we are polluting it and using it up exceeds the rate at which it is being replenished.
Water conservation is a great idea therefore.
Drip irrigation is a great idea.
Drip irrigation involves using a long wide tube with pinholes at each plant, where the water drips drop by drop all day at the roots of the plant and thus makign water availble to the roots all day while at the same time making sure that water doesn't get wasted by mere evaporation into the skies. It saves a lot of water that way.
A drip irrigation system is fairly easy to set up too.Just plan your garden such that plants are planted in a fairly straight fashion. make sure your pipe is large bored. A hollow bamboo pole would work too.
The hollow bamboo pole or the wide pipe needs to be plugged off at the end though.
Then make holes with the tiniest pit at each location where the plant is located along the line of the pipe. use wooden stilts adjacent to each plant to support the pipe such that it lies a lil above the ground level. connect this pipe to a water source.
watch how the water drips only drop by drop at each plant. this works so well.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

growing your own food is a great way to contribute to the environment

It is a pity that a lot of people think that food comes out of supermarkets.
What beats them completely is that farmers out there somewhere wait and tenderly grow plants till their bear fruit.
this food then changes so many hands before it lands on the supermarket.In doing so , so much of fuel is spend transporting, packaging and processing foods.
Sometimes foods need to be refrigerated all the way.
Growing your own food, esp during spring and summer, especially basics like potatoes, herbs, tomatoes and berries etc really can help reducing fuel consumption and at the same time allows us to eat organic.
great idea , dontcha think?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buy minimally packaged stuff and reduce your garbage

Garbage and trash goes to landfills.The lesser the garbage ,the better it is is for all of us ,yeah?
Garbage or waste is afterall a burden that needs to be degraded and then reinstituted into the environment.
Have you noticed that a simple box of cereal has almost 10% of it as packaging that immediately goes into the trash.. A bottle of water -a mere 250 ml of water puts a large junk of plastic into the trash(which is why i talked about waterbottle recyling in my previous blog entry).
So, if at all things were packaged minimally , the garbage load would be less..
But why are things being excessively packed in layers this way? well, that is because if they were not packed so much, they would spoil faster.So, essentially, whatever you eat out of a box so heavily packaged, you are eating something that would have potentially gone bad had it not been packaged that way.Needless to say, that food is not going to be as nutritious as some food that can stay fresh without needing that much of packing.
When you purchase things that can remain fresh even without heavy packaging, you are not only saving the environment by reducing the trash, you are also taking care of your health by eating something that is far fresher and less processed than something that stays on a supermarket shelf for very very long.
So, please, try buying things that are minimally packed. Also, try and recyle all the packaging trash.. eg. segregate paper packaging, plastic and bottles and tins as and when you discard.Have four seperate bins and then recycle them.

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