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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buy minimally packaged stuff and reduce your garbage

Garbage and trash goes to landfills.The lesser the garbage ,the better it is is for all of us ,yeah?
Garbage or waste is afterall a burden that needs to be degraded and then reinstituted into the environment.
Have you noticed that a simple box of cereal has almost 10% of it as packaging that immediately goes into the trash.. A bottle of water -a mere 250 ml of water puts a large junk of plastic into the trash(which is why i talked about waterbottle recyling in my previous blog entry).
So, if at all things were packaged minimally , the garbage load would be less..
But why are things being excessively packed in layers this way? well, that is because if they were not packed so much, they would spoil faster.So, essentially, whatever you eat out of a box so heavily packaged, you are eating something that would have potentially gone bad had it not been packaged that way.Needless to say, that food is not going to be as nutritious as some food that can stay fresh without needing that much of packing.
When you purchase things that can remain fresh even without heavy packaging, you are not only saving the environment by reducing the trash, you are also taking care of your health by eating something that is far fresher and less processed than something that stays on a supermarket shelf for very very long.
So, please, try buying things that are minimally packed. Also, try and recyle all the packaging trash.. eg. segregate paper packaging, plastic and bottles and tins as and when you discard.Have four seperate bins and then recycle them.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Air drying your dishes is a great way to save energy

Okay, first off, the dishwasher is an extravagance.Esp since we eventually still need to soak and rinse before loading a dishwasher.I have noticed that if go straight ahead and presoak and then quickly just wear gloves and scrub and rinse, i finish doing the dishes much faster than the time it takes to meticulously load the dishwasher and then wait for the cycle to get finished .Trust me, we can save not only time but also power and water if we do the dishes and just air dry them right on the counter.
Trust me, try doing the same number of dishes by scrubbing, rinsing and air drying.
Try the same number of dishing by rinsing and then loading the dishwasher and then also check the electricity watts consumed.You will understand what i mean.
I always say this, just because you have millions in your bank acccount doesnt entitle you to waste nonrenewable resources coz after all, no matter how much money you have, if all the gas and coal in the world gets over, you really can't afford any gas even if you gazzillions of dollars. Does that make sense? yeah.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Please reuse your plastic bottles and containers and also recycle drink containers

You remember those times when you order in food and it comes in plastic tubs-esp the miso soup and what not.
Or prolly the time when you buy energy drink(not that i suggest that you buy energy drinks-coz i think the concept of energy drinks itself is very gimmicky) , but yeah, remember the thick tough plastic bottle that the drink comes in?
I think that it would be very wise firstly to choose drinks that come in biodegradable tetrapaper packs rather than those that come in plastic bottles.. Yeah,the drinks that come in glass or metal cans are okay too, coz most of these cans and glass bottles are recyclable too..but the plan works only if you care to segregate your garbage and then go and drop off your empty tins at the recycle place.
Meanwhile, reusing plastic bottles is a great way of recycling.These boxes and bottles are tough and last a long time , if you refill these bottles with water and take them along when you go out everyday.That lil bit of trouble of taking tap water in your plastic bottle would ensure that you don't end up buying a new waterbottle while you are out.
I do this a lot.. Ofcourse, i boil my tapwater coz i am quite suspicious of it now(time to get it analyzed) and then cool it and then fill up my empty plastic bottles and then when i go out to work the next day, I take 2 bottles with me.
The aim is to drink up the two bottles by the time i am back home.This not only makes sure that i drink adequate water while i am out and thus am adequately hydrated, it also ensures that i don't buy additional bottles of plastic and thus increase the garbage burden on the environment.
Try these tips and tell me what you think.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

About Colonic Irrigation

The body is just fine the way it is naturally designed.
If the food you eat has enough moisture and fiber in it, the bowel movements would be adequate enough to remove any waste.
In recent times people have been eating meat and other preseved and processed foods which do not induce any bowel movement and that is why, such people put themselves are risk for farting and colon cancer.
The solution would be to eat enough fiber in your diet .
Colonic irrigation is quite unnecessary.Absolutely unnecessary.

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