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Monday, May 19, 2008

Animals do not belong in the Zoo !

The idea of confining animals in limited spaces is very inconsiderate indeed.
Taking your children to the zoo to help them learn about animals is hypocritical indeed.
It is almost like you are trying to teach them that confining animals in cages is a normal and right thing to do.
These children growing up thinking that a living being in a cage is NORMAL ! Well, it is NOT.

If at all you want your children to learn about animals , let them learn about animals by watching animal planet or by going on a jungle safari where we the humans are in confined spaces like a jeep or a van and watching the free animals which are free and moving around in their natural habitat , just like they were meant to be , in the wild.Just like nature intended for all us.

We have no right to confine animals in cages like we do in the zoos.

Not long ago, a tiger attacked a guy at the san francisco zoo ,coz the guy kept making faces at the animal.
I am sure this coward of a human would not even attempt at doing such a thing had the animal been out in the wild,free and front of him instead of being in a cage.It is SO EASY to make faces at caged animals,no?

I mean, it is so easy to sit and make faces at a caged animal..

Also Recently, a 300 pound orangutan, escaped the zoo--His name ,according to the zoo authorities was BRUNO
Funny habit of NAMING wild animals and then put them in zoo
All cutely romantically comical
I am not even sure if the orangutan himself likes that name or understands the concept of names ..but then we humans like committing cruel acts and then doing something superficial and "disney like" ,Like given them cute names, to make the whole affair look like a fairy tale

I mean , are you telling me that the orangutan is happy in a caged confined space as opposed to moving in the wild, all free and at it's  own will?

Let us look at it this way .
A human is going about his/her business each day, going wherever they want to go , eating whatever they want to eat and mating whomever they want to mate(provided the opposite person is equally willing) and doing whatever whenever.
Then, all of a sudden, someone comes and captures this human and takes them and keeps them in a room, The room is very limiting, this human cannot go out of the room ever.
And then someone comes and feeds them twice a day, And then millions of animals come and watch this human each day and perhaps throw trash at them and taunt them sometimes too...
would that be okay?

Now, I can almost immediately  hear some of your respond with , "Awwwwww, but we are humans and they are animals "
And, my answer to that would be,,"Well ,yeah,Humans are animals too. The fact that they are animals and are far more equipped to survive in the wild without clothing or tents,unlike humans, makes it even more cruel for us to confine them that way."
They are FREER children of nature than us humans.So ,cages are going to feel even more confining for them than us.
I am very glad that circuses have almost become very rare and I hope zooos are scrapped too ,very soon.

There are far better ways of teaching children about animals.Let them watch animal planet or discovery channel or national geographic channel for one.That way they really know and understand that animals are far more capable of surviving in the wild without any help than us humans.
If you can afford it, take them on a safari where you watch animals in their natural habitat.
Teach them to respect animals.Teach them to understand the concept of FREE WILL and FREEDOM.

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