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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Soft drinks,fizzed sodas and Alcohol do not quench the thirst.Tap water versus bottled drinking water

I drank coke or was it pepsi today after almost four years..I just wanted to remind myself how bad it tastes..LOL ....I mean seriously, i was shocked when some bloggers actually confessed that they never drink water..All they drink is soda or fizzed drinks..And I was like...whoa...Total liver and kidney torture..SeriouslyI have noticed that people think that alchohol or soft fizzed drinks are drinks appropriate to quench thirst..The body is thirsty coz it needs water..It needs water coz it needs the water to dilute the toxins and remove them from the body ...So, water essentially is the medium to remove these toxins from the body..When the body is thirsty, it obviously doesn't have enough excess water to dissolve all the toxins waiting to be sent out from the body..Now, soft drinks have water with added , all you are doing when you drink a fizzed soda when you are thirsty is increase the toxin levels further ..It is like using really dirty water to clean a dirty surface...YOu need to use clean water to clean a dirty surface, right?Also, infact, alchohol is a diuretic,, so it actually makes you lose the very little water that the body is hanging on to while it is on a toxin overload...So the next time you are thirsty, please drink either warm or cold pure clean water..There is no place for fizz or alchohol when the body is drying for some real water.
Well, coming back to what happenned when i drank coke after a good four years?I could feel a grating sensation when i gritted my teeth.That is because the Soda contains high amounts of acids that leach the enamel and erode it.No wonder there is a increasing incidence of dental cavities with increasing usage of soft drinks.
I also felt a very burning feeling as the drink flowed down my gullet ...Big sign that the drink is doing no good to the inner lining of my food pipe
I do have to reiterate here...The next time you are thirsty, please drink some soothing pure water..And yeah, please stop using bottled water...A large amount of plastic is used to store a very small amount of water which will be drunk withing ten seconds....WE need to figure out a way to make tap water safe enough for people not to resort to buying bottled drinking water

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rain harvesting

Well, Rain harvesting ,
what is it?
It is a method by which , all the rain that fall on a given land surface could be smartly collected before it falls on the earth surface .
What happens to rain water normally?
Usually most of the rain water that falls on the earth just flows off to areas on the surface that are already polluted and in the process,gets contaminated.This contaminated rain water  is  not potable or usable as drinking water anymore.
Also,most of the rain water gets washed off to the sea and immediately stops  being FRESH WATER once it enters the sea.
Rain water that falls on the rivers is ofcourse usable but given that so many regions actually let out insdustrial waste and raw sewage into rivers without treatment,this is a lost cause as well.

Some rain water gets soaked up by the earth surface and trickles down to ground water.This is the only place where rain water actually directly helps REPLENISH water sources underground.

What is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the process of COLLECTING AND SAVING water when it rains and use it for later .
This rain water collection must happen from a clean surface , for eg, a clean terrace.
This collected water can then either used directly or stored for later.
If the collected rain water is to be stored,it must first be filtered and slightly treated prior to storeage.

Sometimes,the excess rain water can be safely let into a safe groud water hole that would then make sure that the underground water table is replenished  as well.However when trying to re let collected rain water back into an underground well, please FILTER AND CLEAN THE COLLECTED water prior to letting it into underground sources.
UNTREATED RAIN WATER when let into underground wells can CONTAMINATE wells.

so,yeah,this is what Rain water harvesting is all about.

How does this help us?
Water is necessary for sustainance of life, just like air.humans cannot do without water or air.
With growing booming populations,water demand is on the rise  and water has become a scarce precious commodity.

Rain water harvesting helps us cut each of our water foot print.
I did write a very precise blog entry about water foot print weeks ago.
It helps save water and prevents wastage .

Rainwater if not harnessed might first fall on muddy earth ,get contaminated and then with all its contaminants  flow out into surface water bodies and finally to the sea .

Rains do feed rivers and the soil that gets washed off  into the rivers does get settled off along the water in agricultural fields and deltas and nourish them,
but,most of rain water gets wasted .

rain water harvesting helps us make GOOD USE of water that might otherwise get wasted .

Rain water is the purest form of water much akin to distilled water.Therefore, rain water could actually be consumed as is, if collected directly from the sky without any treatment .

Also, rain water can be collected at a much higher point and then,just like a water stored in a dam is used to produce hydel powered electricity, this water can then be run down from that height and thus can be used to produce electricity too.
So, thus, we can have an energy source from a renewable source.

This blog entry of mine was prompted by all the unseasonal and untimely heavy rainfalls  we had recently.
Why not make hay when the sun shines!
Why not produce hydel electricity if at all it is going to rain like cats and dogs this way all the time..LOL.
I think , Seattle, should go ahead and think of rain water harvesting
and chicago like i mentioned in one of my past blog entries, can go for , wind powered energy.
yeah, Las vegas can go for solar energy too..LOL
there we go, our energy problems all solved.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rain and rain and some more rain

There have been rains and rains and rains everywhere.
Ofcourse there have been odd earthquakes here and there..But, mostly it has been rain and rain and rain.
It gets difficult when the seasons don't adhere to their expected charecterisitics...whatcha say?
btw,earthquakes in china right before the olympics..gosh..that is one scary thought..All of the world's best atheletes will be there risking earthquakes? and the smog too.hmmmm

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Grow your own food, Make your own lil home veggie garden

Well, You can pitch in to deal with the food shortage by growing your own your own lil garden.To all your lucky folks who actually have homes with earth around that you could grow plants on ..Please please,, plant atleast a few herbs and some tomatoes, okra , aubergines and such.
I remember the small veggie garden i planted when i was a kid growing up and my parents had a large garden area around the house....They grew all sorts of fruits too..there was lot of land around.I planted some chilli seeds..they grew..the seeds...we had a large chilli plant and it bore chillies too..I planted potato eyes too..but then,, well by the time they got a lil big..some rodent from the garden ate them all up..LOL
The local food is more about growing your own food and helping food shortage .It is not as much about paying more to someone else who will then grow food on the same piece of land over and over again... well..anyways..for all us not so lucky folks who now live in high rise apartments(yours truly included).. we can try growing herbs in the kitchen window sill and if there is a balcony , can try growing some plants in a pot too..Only thing is..make sure there is enought enrichment of the potted soil with kitchen waste..hmmmmm
Yeah , btw, eating only what is necessary and steering clear of things we can avoid eating aka other animals, is a good way to combat food shortage too.Gluttony is very unnecessary.Eating meat is too.

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