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Sunday, September 21, 2014

How to modify WORKPLACE environments to include principles of gender equality-part 1

WORKPLACE RULES must be modified to eliminate chauvinistic societal practices.

workplace environments and workhours for men NEED TO BE MODIFIED with
an acknowledgement that men MUST AND WILL NEED TO DO THEIR SHARE OF

workplaces must stop supporting chauvinistic lifestyles and societal
patterns by expecting MEN TO WORK ODD HOURS or inhumanly long hours,
because it is expected that all men will ofcourse have a female
concubine assistant at home in the form of their wife to take over
their share of chores or parental duties, leaving the men FREE to have
such impractical work hours.

If men were to take part in all chores at home and have HALF OF THE
PARENTAL caretaking chores assigned to them too, while their female
sexual partners have paying jobs outside homes, AUTOMATICALLY, all
workplaces must modify workhours to accomodate the fact that ALL ADULT
WORKERS irrespective of their gender , will and should have equal
chores at home and equal work burden outside of the home as well.

if workplaces continue to have inhuman work hours for men, which
automatically assume that while a man CAN AFFORD to stay away for
weeks or months away from his home and yet afford to have his kids
raised, because HIS FEMALE SEXUAL PARTNER will automatically be
burdened with FULL TIME PARENTING just so that he can keep up with
these impractical work rules which DON'T ACCOMODATE for the fact that
males are parents too and the kids expect their dads to PARTICIPATE in
raising them,women will never get to experience or assert their rights
to a complete life which involves doing something with their
personality and talents and have a REAL PERSONALITY and individuality,
outside of CLEANING A BABY'S BUTT or cleaning floors and kitchen

IF MEN EAT, they must cook, if men copulate, they must parent, if men
shit, they must clean their toilet.Can't dump all the menial drudgery
jobs as a burden on your female sexual partner and take up all the
creative fun jobs yourself.UNFAIR!

just like, if a woman is good at math, she must be able to become an
accountant or math whiz, without JUST BEING REDUCED TO CLEANING A
BABY'S BUTT no matter how much of a math whiz she is, because , her
husband's workplace expects him to work inhuman hours and hence, the
first person whose life quality gets the "curbing effort" is the
female sexual partner of the said husband.

making their wives do their share of chores .
When wives stop carrying all the burden of their husbands chores,
HUSBANDS will automatically request for their workplaces TO MODIFY to
accomodate a world full of gender equality

#workplace_rules, #chauvinistic_workplace_setup,
#workplace_must_accomodate_male_parenting, #male_parenting,
#gender_equality_at_workplace, #dads, #parenting,

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