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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Porn addiction among males and how it is indirectly related to female financial independence

90% of men these days are APPARENTLY porn addicts(as stated by a male friend).

This piece of info might be a CONCOCTED one much like many of the  other "FACTS" floating around the internet.

My male friend  says that this MUCH TOO COMMON INTERNET PORN ADDICTION  is because OF THE FACT that  all men are the same .They all like gawking at possibly under-aged and under-payed, possibly sexually abused  and truly very much socially exploited/stigmatized women coz it is a "genetic" male trait to just look at STRANGER women on the screen and BE SO DISCONNECTED about the human story of that face or VAGINA  on the screen  that they get turned on and then they jack off !

So, PORN "TRAINS" MEN TO jack off OFF STRANGERS.It allows them to disconnect EMOTION FROM SEX and just jack off to strangers whom they don't know anything about ,except the size and shape of their vaginas and size of their boobs and these sizes MIGHT NOT EVEN BE REAL..Thanks to prosthesis and camera tricks and discontinuous shots and whatever else.

Anyways,coming back to what my male friend said,
First off,
 Porn addiction has got nothing to do with sexual tension or genetic traits.
Infact, when I see my teen patients, I see that porn addiction is equally prevalent in the female teens as much as in the male teens..

Sexually curiosity is one factor but another factor is the lack of STEADINESS in the male-female or male-male or female-female  relationships that these teens experience these says.Infact what attracts people in general to PORN is the lack of an emotionally/sexually fulfilling REAL LIFE STEADY RELATIONSHIP. Peeps start watching porn to fill that voit and Ironically then Porn trains you to be a VOYEUR..and then you get SO TRAINED to be a voyeur ,you get wired that way sexually, much like a pavlov's dog and then REAL PEOPLE don't do it anymore for you sexually..INTERESTING TURN OF

My male friend says that is is  a GENETIC TRAIT OF MALES to like "disconnected masturbation".
I disagree.
I am sure every human being would RATHER HAVE sex (cyber sex included) with someone real person, in flesh and blood ,someone whom they know personally and whose personality they like and who likes them in return too.


However, I do agree that this porn addiction amongst males might be a  MALE TRAIT STEMMING OUT OF SOCIAL CONDITIONING..(but definitely NOT GENETIC)! Females can be just as porn addicted, if they had enough money to buy porn on the internet, and also if it was socially just as accepted.
In a chauvinistic society,dysfunctional male traits( which are a result of being DAMAGED early on in life) are often disregarded/brushed off as something men do  and thus socially accepted as something that MEN DO and as it is commonly put "BOYS WILL BE BOYS ! "

Certain social patterns guide  certain behavioural patterns.
Social changes also mean behavioral changes.
One such social change that has occurred ever since women fought for their right to earn their own living and right to have equal rights as equal humans in society, is the FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE OF WOMEN.
In a chauvinistic society, FINANCIAL DEPENDENCE OF WOMEN WAS A IMPOSED SOCIAL TREND that made women unable to earn their own incomes and because of that , they ended up FINANCIALLY DESPERATE enough to stick to a  moneyed man though they found him undesirable and such.

In chauvinistic times, MEN would use money as a tool to CONTROL women and just USE THEIR BODIES to dump their sexual frustration..Much like a SOCIALLY ACCEPTED WAY OF buying a person female concubine.

But now with EQUAL RIGHTS, the whole equation has tipped over..No more CONTROLLING ! Women using sex as a control tool to make husbands do what they desire is another blog entry for another day.K?

Shortly, coming back to the topic of  INTERNET PORN ADDICTION.Though it is often touted as a MALE TREND,I FEEL that is is a newer trend  prevelant in BOTH SEXES.
Coupled with TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES where PORN IS JUST A CLICK AWAY  and social trends, porn addiction is more common place than it ever was.
It is also a mirror to society which is finding a DISCONNECTED SEXUAL OUTLET via internet-porn Safer,STD free and free from the supposed HASSLE of needing to be with a real life person which would demand sharing more than just a fleeting sexual  moment.

I am generally NOT against the idea of EROTICA being used as a way to relieve sexual tension,
but hiring ECONOMICALLY DESPERATE, FAR TOO YOUNG WOMEN and women alone not men(not that men prostitutes ,why?)  as EYE CANDY( how come there are not that many male porn actors on the internet especially the webcam sites(voyeurism central ?) and  and also the large amount of drug usage amongst porn actors and large amount of human trafficking associated with the porn production companies , allows me to have great displeasure at the HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION happening via porn.

The "HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION IN PORN" topic fits to be written as another blog entry...while the current blog entry is more about how financial Independence of women has contributed to porn addiction amongst men.

So yeah, PORN is a convenient outlet for men who
a/don't have enough EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT to be able to successfully communicate with real life women,
b/a man who oftentimes doesn't  know how to behave with a  REAL  life girlfriend in order for the girl not  want to dump him.
c/a man with too much pent up sexual tension with no opportunity for an outlet

In chauvinistic societies, men who make enough money but with no other desirable traits , could still manage to find wives whom they could mindlessly F*CK EACH NIGHT...That is not so easily possibly anymore (sans the HUGH HEFFNER lifestyle ),
In today's society of gender equality, Men are oftentimes needing to start becoming more caring in other ways than just provide some spending money to be able to KEEP A WOMAN ...Earlier they were having it so easy..Now?NOT SO MUCH.

And in today's world , many girls are financially independent(at least girls whose parents have brought them up the right way will be financially independent) ,so these girls who earn their own money will most likely dump men that won't behave  desirably with them(unlike older financially dependant housewives).

So, single men with  A LOW EMOTIONAL IQ  end up on porn sites and spend money watching women naked coz all humans do need some sexing up every now and then (what with the fact that there is no real woman around and they are not getting any due to the fact that they have already been dumped by their steady gf if they ever had one, adds up to the sexual tension)

Essentially, the porn girls on screen and their disconnected sex acts on screen are much akin and are APT replacements for the housewife who has sex with a man because it was deemed her marital duty to "PROVIDE" sex to the husband that "provides" spending money for her and her household...NO DIFFERENCE, JUST A DIFFERENT FORMAT.

Think about it...What is the solution to this mess?

All girls must and should have a source of income of their own ( PORN CANNOT BE A SOURCE OF INCOME)
PORN IS modern day slavery .A  modern day form of buying human bodies or renting human bodies...SEX cannot be for sale....Sex is such an emotional thing...the one last TRULY UNTOUCHED HUMAN INSTINCT...STOP BRINGING MONEY INTO IT.
Ladies, have a job of your own and then have MONEY FREE-love filled sex with a man you love.

Men, have a job of your own and  then also develop a personality that is really truly representative of the real you, then find a woman that LOVES YOUR real personality , then have love filled sex with her.

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