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Friday, March 27, 2009

Cooking gas from compost and animal fecal wastes

Well, methane gas might kinda be really harmful for the atmosphere and the protective layers of the earth and global warming.
But what if , we could use all these gases without wasting a thing?
well, many farm based communities in third world countries actually use this technology of producing cooking gas and manure at the same time. The manure is organic which works great for all the organic freaks as well.
The procedure involves basically building a simple underground tank which is fitted with intlets and outlets and pressure gauge and and a gas outlet too.
The animal wastes are mixed with adequate water if any and let into this tank and as the wastes rot, methane rises to the top of the tank and then passes out through the top gas tube to the farmer's kitchen for cooking. Meanwhile the other outlet is for the sludge after all this gasesous emnation useful as manure for your farm or kitchen garden(organic farming) .
This cooking gas is so much better than the firewood fuel many backward farm based communities still use there.
If you have a small farm with animals, You might as well try this out .
Speaking of animal wastes, i am pretty sure, this same thing can be done with a human septic tank too. Though ofcourse, the output will be not so much as to do regualar cooking all the time.
Worth a try though.

About Circumcision and STDs -Health post-Vestigial organs and evolution

Well, this ECOLOGY AND HEALTH blog was CREATED to  include my entry on health and healthier lifestyle patterns in addition to my ecology posts. I have so far ignored this aim of mine on this blog.
This prolly is the first of my health blogs on this blog.
I just left a comment on WHITE COAT UNDERGROUND on his blog post about circumcision and how it might just be unnecessary as a routine elective in newborns.
As a physician myself, I left my two cents there on his blog.Thought I might share my comment here with my own readers.
Here goes my comment:(As of oct 2013,I have slightly modified the ACTUAL comment I posted on his blog .I have also PARAPHRASED and added a wee bit extra to my original comment )

About circumcision
It is a procedure that is devised with the premise that the foreskin is an unnecessary part of the body( a vestigial organ if you may) , something we could do without.

At this rate , a kidney is one too. A vestigial organ that is.
Afterall , we can do without a pair. A single functioning kidney is actually enough TO KEEP A HUMAN ALIVE and functioning normally!

coming back to the point in question.

For some reason, I fail to accept the theory of vestigial organs altogether.

You see, I don't think that centuries and thousands of years of evolution would allow for vestigial organs to remain in our bodies at all. Obviously,each organ,we ASSUME is vestigial,IS NOT vestigial at all.It has functions,that we as a medical and research community HAVEN'T figured out yet.

It just is that we as scientists haven't yet figured out the biological function of say The appendix or the foreskin or thymus or other such organs,which we often discount as dispensible organs.

Like you said, the best way to prevent STD's is a condom (male and female condoms) and also perhaps abstinence and single sexual partners.

Circumcision of the newborn,assuming that newborn  brain won't retain the memory of SURGERY OR SURGERY ASSOCIATED PAIN,is UNSCIENTIFIC. and definitely NOT a smart way to prevent STDs.Like I said,let an adult use condoms to prevent STDs..

 With regards to all those other problems associated with an intact foreskin or prepuce, like phimosis, I think, a good genital hygeine and prevention of accumulation of stuff between the foreskin and shaft is so important to prevent such diseases instead of doing DRASTIC PROCEDURES like newborn circumcision.

Yes,we do perform circumcision,IN A CHILD, who comes to the clinic,with a case OF PHIMOSIS..because obviously,the parent is INCAPABLE of giving the kid clean baths and keeping the kid's genitalia clean.
Dear parents of male children who are not yet capable of taking their own baths,please retract the prepuce whatever little you can,clean with mild soap and warm water while giving a bath to your male kid.

I always tell my male patients to retract and clean while in the shower just so that things or secretions don't first accumulate there and then lead to infections and then finally we end up doing emergency circumcisions in adults. I am sure the body needs the foreskin  to protect the penile tip,which has thinner skin than the rest of the penis too.
Also,women, while taking showers,must make it a point,to use their fingers to slightly separate their labia majora and minora and clean with MILD soap and warm water too.
GENITALIA HYGEINE is a great way to avoid URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS AND some genital infections  too.k?

Tags: #genitalia,#circumcision_in_newborn, #elective_surgical_procedures_in_newborn, #vestigial_organs,#evolution, #std, #how_to_clean_genitialis,#how_to_give_male_toddlers_a_bath

Why my ecology posts are simple and very basic

I am sure people must wonder why my ecology blog posts are very very basic. Like those simple one liners with no more details than simple suggestions.
Well, for one, there is no dearth for ecology based blogs that are full of very many technical details about the chemical compositions of structures and how things are processed and and the works.
I sometimes find that such detailed descriptions can sometimes discourage people who are just starting off on an enviromentally conscious lifechange path and they may end up being intimidated. They might find it too complicated. My job here is to initiate such beginners to simply try it out with simple beginnings.
Also, many of these ecology blogs make it look like living an environmentally friendly life is very difficult and full of complicated methods and full of sacrifice.IT IS NOT. Not that they intend to but the way they explain things, it might discourage starters from attempting it due to fear that it might be too difficult.
i am only here giving small simple tips, tips that can be understood by beginners. I want everyone to try out because even very very small steps make a huge difference.
My explanations here are very simple and basic because i am targeting the basic beginner who wants to try . That is why , my posts are small and tiny and have one liners . Just to make them more easy to understand.


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