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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How preserved/processed foods can be potentially carcinogenic(cancer causing)

Copyright 2008 Le Cinq Blog Dr.A.R All rights reserved
There has been an escalation of cancer incidence in the past couple of decades.

This is sometimes attributed to the increase in expected lifespan which inturn increases the chances of cell signals to get misfired as they get older.

While this is definitely a valid argument,I somehow think that this increased incidence of cancer occurance even in younger age groups as is the increased incidence of allergies and other disorders irrespective of age groups is primarily due to the increased consumption of processed foods and/or consumption of foods with preservatives.

What do preservatives essentially do?

Preservatives essentially make sure that the cells in foods do not continue undergoing physiological changes so that the state in which they have been packed at is retained.This can essentially be achieved only if all cell processes are arrested .This causes the cells to be either killed or frozen in steady state.,Which is why freezing is a very effective method of preservation and less harmful when compared to preservation of foods using chemical preservatives.

chemical preservatives prevent any cellular ripening progression or biological degradation by essentially stopping all cellular processes .Many of them also act in a way to prevent microbial growth in already prepared and packed food.The microbial cellular processes though different from our cells, sometimes there are processes that are very similar, and therefore, these preservatives are very well capable of acting on human cellular processes as well, which include not just acting on the human digestive tract cells that come in contact with food but also those organs in general that take part in removing unwanted substances from the body in the form of detoxification or excretion.
Essentially, any non nutritious substance get removed straight away and this includes drugs or prservatives , chemicals, dyes,and even alcohol.These preservatives thus put a lot of stress on the liver and kidney to work extra harder.
It would be therefore a great idea to eat foods that are fresh rather than those that have been sitting in neat lil packets on supermarket shelves containing food that would go rotten by the time the pack is picked up had there not been any added preservatives.If at all you need to pick up food that is not fresh, it is alway better to choose frozen foods aka frozen vegetables etc rather than canned vegetables that have added calcium gluconate to maintain color.If at all you need to pick up canned foods, choose ones that have been canned in pure brine instead of ones that have added calcium gluconate etc.Take time to read food labels and look at ingredients when you pick up canned foods.One that says, 'water and salt' is better than one that says 'water, salt, calcium gluconate' etc.
Also, while using fresh veggies, it is always a good idea to run flowing water over veggies to run off any pesticides sticking to them or any microbes sticking to the surface.There is absolutely no necessity to wash veggies with detergents and such.Plain forcefully running water is abrasive enough to remove most contaminants.
Happy healthy eating to all readers !
Please note that all material is originally composed and written by me.Nothing has been lifted from anywhere else.I hold a medical degree prior to which i also did two years of food and nutrition in college.
All content is copyrighted and any form of reproduction is strictly prohibited

Copyright 2008 Le Cinq Blog aka Dr.A.R All rights reserved.No part of my blog is to be copypasted or reproduced in any form original or plagiarized on any other site or outside of the internet with my prior written permission.You can link to my blog only after permission.Under no condition are you allowed to post any part of my work including a sampling .You can only post a link and that too only after my permission and that is as much as you get .If you still lack integrity or self respect and post slightly modified forms of my blog entries, I shall come after you and haunt you -cough cough -hunt you down !

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